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Coffee Shop Management Software

29/01/2024 | 186 lượt xem

Managing a coffee shop might look simple. So, to achieve the highest efficiency, save time, and reduce costs, many coffee shop owners have integrated information technology into their management processes. The “Faceworks” software from TiT Technology and Service Company meets all the needs of coffee shop management, offering an optimal solution that can satisfy shop owners.




  • Manage Tasks Anytime, Anywhere. Users can access the system’s data anytime, anywhere if they have an internet-connected device. This feature allows coffee shop owners to determine occurring issues quickly and then handle them promptly.
  • Unified Data Management. All data and information related to the coffee shop are stored on a single system, enabling the owner to manage and retrieve information quickly and easily.
  • Safety and Security. Despite all employees and the owner working on the same system, the role-based access control function allows the owner to restrict access areas and data operation rights for different users. It ensures synchronized management while maintaining the security of important information.
  • Refinement and Flexibility. With the characteristic of flexible customization, not following a specific template, the software is built based on the workflow and needs of the coffee shop owner. This adaptability makes it suitable for various coffee shop models and easy to modify to meet the specific needs of each shop.



  • Menu and Inventory Management:
    • Manage detailed lists of drinks, fast food, and the restaurant’s product list, including Name, selling price, unit of measure, date of entry, expiration date, image, etc.
    • Allow searching by name, item code, selling price, type of item (food/drink), etc.
    • Integrate with barcode scanners to update the inventory situation instead of manual recording.
    • Alert when food and drinks are running out or have run out to reorder promptly.
    • Alert when items are about to expire to take timely action and maintain the restaurant’s quality.
    • Print invoices for customers.
  • Beverage and fast food preparation process management:
    • Manage the dosage of ingredients in the preparation process, helping to limit ingredient loss.
    • Establish processing standards for drinks, fast food, pre-packaged items, or finished products.
    • Automatically transfer order data to the preparation area.
    • Notifications from the preparation area if ingredients are running out.
    • Print invoices directly.
  • Customer management:
    • Create loyalty point programs and manage loyal customer cards and VIP customer cards.
    • Support the creation of promotional programs for loyal customers and VIP customers.
    • Manage other promotional programs to suit business purposes.
  • Sales management:
    • Create sales invoices with information such as Invoice number, Item name, Quantity, Price, Amount paid by the customer, change, Sales staff, Sales time, etc. Make payment faster.
    • Discount directly on items or on the invoice.
    • Manage the sales invoice category, allowing for diverse search and retrieval with various filters.
  • Financial management:
    • Manage spending history.
    • Manage receipts and payment vouchers.
    • Manage the store’s cash fund.
    • Update and analyze daily, monthly, and yearly profit/loss.
    • Manage Debt containing receivables and payables.
    • A diverse chart system makes it easy to create financial reports.


We assure you that Faceworks management software is the optimal, comprehensive solution to meet the needs of cafe management. With high flexibility features, users can create management modules suitable to their conditions without changing operating procedures. The software helps professional and simplified cafe management, minimizing time and saving budgets.



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