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Supermarket Management Software

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The Faceworks supermarket management software from TiT Technology and Service Joint Stock Company is designed to help supermarkets manage their extensive product inventory most simply and professionally possible. With this software, supermarket owners can save time and minimize costs in their management tasks.


Benefits of Supermarket Management Software




  • Unified Management of Product Volumes, Easy to Use: All data and information of the supermarket are stored on a single system, allowing the store owner to manage and retrieve information quickly and easily.
  • Manage supermarket tasks anytime, anywhere: Instead of installing software on a local machine and relying on a server, users can access the data system anytime, anywhere, as long as they have an internet-connected device (laptop, PC, smartphone, iPad, etc.). It enables the store owner to quickly identify issues such as inventory levels and products nearing expiration and address them promptly.
  • Safe and Secure: The supermarket owner can limit the areas of inquiry and data manipulation rights for different users (employees). For example, access to timekeeping and salary calculation data, contract data with suppliers, etc., can be restricted. It helps maintain synchronized management while securing critical information.
  • Flexibility: With the flexible customization feature, not following a specific template, the software is designed based on the supermarket’s workflow and needs. Therefore, it is fit for various supermarket models and can easily be modified to meet supermarket requirements.

Functions of Supermarket Management Software



  • Inventory Management:
    • Integrate with barcode scanners to create a list of items searchable by item code, name, value, quantity, date of entry, etc.
    • Classify goods based on entry time to ensure freshness and easy control of inventory levels.
    • Inspect expiry dates for perishable goods to plan for timely disposal and maintain store quality.
    • Flexible converting units allow the creation of suitable units for purchase and sale (e.g., kg, g, pack). The software automatically calculates the value of goods, reducing the time spent on calculations for sales staff.
    • Establish discount programs based on promotions.
    • Declare one or more barcodes per item.
    • Record the history of impacts on items.
  • Warehouse Management:
    • Integrate with barcode scanners to update inventory movements instead of manual recording.
    • Complete management of product information: item code, item name, quantity, origin, unit, date of entry, etc. Support for exporting data to Excel files.
    • Manage supplier returns and internal transfers.
    • Support for inventory checks with barcode integration for accurate tracking of remaining stock.
  • Sales Management:
    • Manage sales invoices with details such as invoice number, item name, quantity, price, seller, sale time, etc.
    • Create direct discounts on items or entire invoices.
    • Manage the sales invoice catalog, allowing searches and queries with various filters.
    • Support export purchase and sales invoices and inventory item lists to Excel files.
  • Financial Management:
    • Manage expense history (e.g., purchase, utility bills, rent).
    • Daily, monthly, and yearly income updates.
    • Integrate with barcode scanner for quick sales invoice generation.
    • Debt management contains receivables and payables.
    • Record of transaction history for verification and control.
    • Profit/loss statistics by day, month, and year.
    • Have diverse chart systems for easy financial reporting.
  • Customer Management:
    • Create loyalty point programs, management of loyalty cards, and VIP customer cards.
    • Support for creating promotional programs for loyal and VIP customers.
    • Automatically notify customers of birthdays, sending emails, SMS, or creating discount programs.
    • Management of various promotional programs to align with business objectives.
  • Other Features:
    • Employee management: Integration with timekeeping systems and salary calculations for accurate and quick payroll processing.
    • Supplier management: Contract management with suppliers and diverse search criteria.
    • Customizable software integrates with detailed permission settings for synchronized yet secure management.
    • Customize flexibly based on the store’s workflow and needs, suitable for various store models.



In short, with many outstanding features, particularly flexible customization, our Faceworks management solution is considered the most optimal and suitable for supermarket management needs. We have developed the software based on workflow processes and customer requirements, making it adaptable to various supermarket models. With a highly competitive price and 24/7 support, we are confident that users will be extremely pleased with their decision to use our company’s products.





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