Chemical Manufacturing Management Software

01/02/2024 | 127 lượt xem

In the present era, the chemical industry plays a crucial role in promoting the development of other economic sectors. However, during the management of the production processes, managers often have to face various challenges such as difficulty in managing product…

Supermarket Management Software

01/02/2024 | 114 lượt xem

The Faceworks supermarket management software from TiT Technology and Service Joint Stock Company is designed to help supermarkets manage their extensive product inventory most simply and professionally possible. With this software, supermarket owners can save time and minimize costs in…

VIP Customer Card Management Software

30/01/2024 | 185 lượt xem

In large companies and enterprises, Taking care of VIP customers is extremely important. VIP customers are the most loyal to the business and contribute significantly to maintaining the company’s revenue. So, how can we effectively take care of these “supreme…

Coffee Shop Management Software

29/01/2024 | 192 lượt xem

Managing a coffee shop might look simple. So, to achieve the highest efficiency, save time, and reduce costs, many coffee shop owners have integrated information technology into their management processes. The “Faceworks” software from TiT Technology and Service Company meets…

Cosmetic Store Management Software

29/01/2024 | 233 lượt xem

    Functionality of Cosmetics Store Management Software   Document Management Purchase Invoices. Wholesale Invoices. Retail Invoices. Orders with Suppliers. Customer Orders. Price Quotations.   Revenue Management Daily Revenue Management. Time-based Revenue Management. Detailed Revenue Management. Overall Revenue Management. Handling…

Internet Cafe Management Software

25/01/2024 | 183 lượt xem

Currently, many Internet cafe owners desire a system with genuinely useful features to manage Internet cafes, enhance business capabilities, and proactively create specific programs for their Internet cafe owners to provide the best customer service.     Meeting those needs,…

Distributor Management Software

23/01/2024 | 148 lượt xem

In the distribution business, sales are crucial in bringing products to the market and consumers. With the increasing number of distributors and fierce competition, being a strong and reputable distributor requires effective operational processes to efficiently manage their agents, sales…

Mineral Exploitation Management Software

22/01/2024 | 124 lượt xem

The mineral industry is an energy-intensive sector, making maximizing energy efficiency crucial. To assist businesses in the mineral exploitation industry with comprehensive management and efficient business operations, TIT Corporation has researched and introduced the Faceworks management software for the mineral…

Agency Management Software

22/01/2024 | 177 lượt xem

Managing a small store is challenging, but managing an agency is even more difficult due to the need to oversee the quantity of goods sold, various products, services, and the agency itself. Faceworks from TIT is designed to assist agency…

Food Store Management Software

19/01/2024 | 174 lượt xem

Clean food stores and supermarkets focusing on hygienic nutrition products are gaining significant attention from manufacturing and business entities. Due to the increasing demand for clean food among consumers, especially as the current state of contaminated and low-quality food poses…

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