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Cosmetic Store Management Software

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Functionality of Cosmetics Store Management Software


  • Document Management
    • Purchase Invoices.
    • Wholesale Invoices.
    • Retail Invoices.
    • Orders with Suppliers.
    • Customer Orders.
    • Price Quotations.


  • Revenue Management
    • Daily Revenue Management.
    • Time-based Revenue Management.
    • Detailed Revenue Management.
    • Overall Revenue Management.
    • Handling of Return Sales.
    • Employee-wise Sales Reports.


  • Debt Management
    • Comprehensive Customer Debt Summary.
    • Detailed Customer Debt Statements.
    • Complete Supplier Debt Summary.
    • Precise Supplier Debt Statements.
    • Customer Debt Notification.
    • Supplier Debt Notification.


  • Expiration Date Management
    • Detailed Expiration Date Management for Each Received Batch.
    • Advanced Notification for Expiring Products.


  • Inventory Management
    • Detailed Purchase Management.
    • Overall Purchase Management.
    • Detailed Sales Management.
    • Overall Sales Management.
    • Comprehensive Inventory Tracking.
    • Warehouse Tags.


  • Cash Fund Management
    • Comprehensive Expense Management.
    • Detailed Expense Records.
    • Comprehensive Revenue Management.
    • Detailed Revenue Records.
    • Cash Balance Sheet.


  • Automated Reminder System
    • Payment Due Reminders for Customers.
    • Payment Due Reminders for Suppliers.
    • Overdue Customer Debt Alerts.
    • Customer Birthday Alerts.


  • Automated Inventory Alerts
    • Stock Alerts Based on Minimum and Maximum Limits.
  • Automated Customer Debt Alerts
    • Alerts Based on Customer Credit Limits.
  • Customer Care
    • Management of Customer Information (Name, Address, Birthday, Phone, Email.)
    • Automated Emails and SMS for Birthday Wishes.
    • Upgrading Customers to Membership Cards.
    • Information on Discounts, Promotions, and New Cosmetic Brands for Each Customer.
  • Promotion Management
    • Simultaneous Setup of Promotions by Cosmetic Line or Invoice Value.
    • Easy and Convenient Management of Promotion Codes.

Benefits of Cosmetic Store Management Software




  • Quick Sales Operations
    • Fast and efficient sales operations.
    • Easily integrate with invoice printers, barcode printers, barcode scanners, Mpos payment terminals, and cash drawers.
    • Ability to create, check product information, and complete transactions swiftly within 10 seconds.
  • Remote Management
    • Update data in real-time, allowing remote monitoring of business performance, sales, expenses, and employee effectiveness even when not physically present at the store.
  • Flexibility
    • System customization is based on specific needs and characteristics.
    • Addition or removal of information.
    • Customization of output reports.
    • Convenient for upgrading and modifying product details.
    • Support two-way communication with Excel.
  • Secure Security 
    • Automated backup of data.
    • Finely tune user permissions for each function.
    • Audit data deletion and modification.
    • Records information on individuals viewing reports.
    • Restrict or grant specific user permissions when viewing business reports.
  • Accuracy and Speed
    • The system calculates data based on absolute accuracy.
    • Can handle new technologies to increase processing speed.
    • Maximize human labor efficiency.
  • User-Friendly Design
    • We designed the software according to Windows standards.
    • User-friendly through an analysis of human characteristics.
    • Interface in Vietnamese.
    • Easy-to-understand language.

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