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Internet Cafe Management Software

25/01/2024 | 180 lượt xem

Currently, many Internet cafe owners desire a system with genuinely useful features to manage Internet cafes, enhance business capabilities, and proactively create specific programs for their Internet cafe owners to provide the best customer service.



Meeting those needs, Faceworks designs Internet cafe management software to efficiently serve essential requirements such as document management, customer time, account status, and customer account information. Helping Internet cafe owners handle every task effortlessly with just a few clicks.

Benefits of Gaming Room Management Software

  • Detailed Management. Allow precise financial data management and business accounting for public Internet access points.
  • User-Friendly Interface. The user interface is friendly, easy to use, and does not require high computer literacy, with high artistic aesthetics. It is easily operated through mouse devices and shortcuts.
  • Security. User management functions tightly control the subjects using the program at each point in time and ensure high data security. Allow managers to monitor users’ application usage on workstations to prevent any malicious intentions, ensuring the safety of computer systems and subsequent customers.
  • Reliability. It can protect data with backup and recovery mechanisms for quick restoration. Our software also has strong error recovery measures.
  • Maintenance, Modification, and Upgrade Capability. Can accept direct or indirect customer feedback through the Internet or other forms such as a 24/7 customer care center. The technical support website allows users across the network to provide feedback and suggest upgrades. Also, modify the product provider.

Some Key Features of The Software

  • Customer Information Management
    • Completely manage customer information containing customer groups, customer information, birthdays, etc.
    • Managing the use of membership cards: transaction frequency, transaction value, details of service usage, and customer payment process, all stored in the system and statistically detailed.
    • Managing customers based on their importance to better care for them.
    • Automatically send birthday greetings and customer care.
  • Internet Cafe Activities Management
    • Manage information on gaming rooms and electronic approvals linked to the software.
    • Automatically manage access time and billing for workstation usage containing internet access fees and additional services such as drinks, snacks, etc.
    • Automatically internet access billing with a dynamic pricing table for each day of the week and access time.
  • Accounting Module
    • Save customer transactions. Manage cash journals, revenue journals, deferred accounts, and accounting documents.
    • Keep track of daily customer volume and cash flow statistics.
    • Manage equipment status statistics to plan for maintenance or replacement.
  • Approval Status Management
    • Simple approval tracking. Users can view whether a request has been approved or rejected and who has just approved those requests.
    • Managers can add notes, skip approval lines, or skip approvers to perform tasks.


In general, TiT’s Faceworks software is the most suitable and comprehensive software solution to meet the management needs of Internet cafes. It is a cost-effective solution with many useful features, fitting customers’ budgets. Moreover, the software has high customization capabilities, so you can develop its features limitlessly, meeting almost all customer needs. The software has a simple interface and is very easy to use, and our technical department is always ready to support users 24/7.

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