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Admission Management Software

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Common Challenges in Admission

  • The large number of candidates registering for exams makes it difficult to control information such as hometown, date of birth, etc., which is complex and time-consuming.
  • When there is a need to print scores or requests for exam revaluation, manual work makes the manager search for exam papers and scores, consuming a lot of effort and time.

From this, we can see the need for computerized data processing in admission management, storing exam records, exam papers, and scores quickly and accurately. Especially nowadays, universities and colleges are gradually transitioning from written exams to computer-based exams, making the role of computer systems in admission management even more critical. The management of exam records for candidates in universities, colleges, vocational high schools, and technical schools has seen some improvements but still has limitations and requires considerable effort. As the number of candidates continues to increase, incorporating computers into admission management is essential.

TiT’s admission management software is designed to address these challenges and serve as an effective admission management tool.


Features of Admission Management Software




  • When students register directly on the website, the data will be filtered and stored in the software.
  • Analyze statistics on students from various sources, marketing campaigns, and those who register directly at the office.
  • Input information about students registering for placement exams in each exam session.
  • Update admission examination results.
  • Enroll students for each level.
  • Classify and place students according to their input examination levels.

Faceworks Admissions Management Software by TiT is a comprehensive solution for managing candidate information, covering the entire process from when candidates submit their applications for admission to the admission review and the process of collecting documents when candidates go through the enrollment procedure. The software assists the Board of Directors and leaders of Training Departments and Financial Planning in synthesizing and evaluating the quantity and quality of candidates submitting applications and candidates going through the enrollment process for each academic year. After admitting candidates, their records are transferred to the student management module.




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