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Agency Management Software

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Managing a small store is challenging, but managing an agency is even more difficult due to the need to oversee the quantity of goods sold, various products, services, and the agency itself. Faceworks from TIT is designed to assist agency owners in managing their agencies more efficiently. Agencies that deal with a diverse range of products and services can be demanding to keep track of, consuming a lot of time. However, using our agency management software, you can easily track and organize your store’s products with just a few clicks.


General Functions of the Software





  • Task Management
    • Manage task information, plans, and results connected with each staff member. Set reminders and notifications for various events (Email, SMS, etc.).
    • Project-based Task Management: Manage tasks based on business contracts and projects.
    • Send SMS and email notifications for new tasks or events.
    • Company Email Management. 
  • Customer Management
    • Manage business customer information: customer name, address, tax code, etc.
    • Sales Management: Facilitate quick creation of delivery notes based on customer orders, recording customer payment information. The system automatically accounts for revenue and customer debt.
    • Order Management: Track the shipping process for each order and monitor the status of orders.
    • Payment Collection Management: Record various types of customer payments, such as debt collection and cash collection. The system automatically accounts for received payments based on one or more documents.
    • Product Returns Management: Support returning products process directly on a purchase order.
  • Inventory Management
    • Inventory Management helps optimize inventory challenges for managers.
    • Customize and select warehouses. Transfer goods from one warehouse to another.
    • Add new inventory entries and exit notes.
    • Support regular or periodic inventory checks, check inventory levels, and alerts for overstocked or expired items.
  • Purchase Management
    • Purchase Order Management: Information about goods and suppliers, VAT, etc.
    • Manage expense voucher: Expense vouchers store all information about expenses, such as supplier, reason for spending, total amount, cash, bank deposit, etc.
    • Manage return orders when there is a defect in the product.
  • Salesperson Management



  • Employee Information Management in the enterprise: personal information, contact information, employee evaluations, employee contracts, etc.
  • Track daily employee attendance on a detailed timekeeping sheet.
  • Automatically calculate salaries and generate payroll for each employee based on monthly attendance.
  • Employee profile management.
  • Manage work shifts associated with individuals and invoices to avoid loss and calculate bonuses and penalties.
  • Promotion and Marketing Program Management
    • manages promotional programs for loyal customers.
    • Point accumulation for customers who frequently shop at the store.
    • Function to store potential customer information for the store.

In general, TiT’s software is a suitable and comprehensive software solution to meet the management needs of a distributor with many helpful features at a competitive price and suited for customers’ budgets. Moreover, the software has high customization capabilities, so the number of features can be developed nearly limitlessly, meeting almost all customer needs. The software has a simple interface and is very easy to use, and our technical support team is always ready to assist users 24/7.           



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