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Asset Management Software

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Asset Management Software 

Faceworks Asset Management Software is one of the standout applications in the TIT Faceworks software system, based on the most advanced technologies available today. Faceworks Asset Management Software allows users to access it anytime, anywhere without installation, providing quick access through web browsers, convenient and easy to use on any device.

Faceworks Asset Management Software provides users with new experiences in asset management, managing asset profiles, devices, maintenance plans for assets and equipment, warning and monitoring asset maintenance and repair, and updating and querying the history and operational logs of assets. This helps minimize breakdowns, improve productivity, and enhance the efficiency of asset and equipment operations for businesses.


So, what is Asset Management?

 Asset management, broadly defined, refers to any system that monitors and maintains valuable items for an entity or a group. It can apply to both tangible assets (such as buildings) and intangible assets (such as human capital, intellectual property, goodwill, and financial assets). Asset management is a systematic process for efficiently developing, operating, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets.

Effective asset management will eliminate many errors that humans can make, preventing “costly” mistakes that could slow down workflow and disrupt the supply chain.


Benefits of using Faceworks Asset Management Software:

  • Easily control assets within a business when physical assets are moved within the organization or transferred between departments. Asset management software helps your company easily manage the inventory of physical assets, supporting the management resources more efficiently 
  • All data related to the business’s assets is stored and managed tightly on a single system. This aids business owners and employees across departments in easy document sharing, preventing loss. Effective asset management leads to efficient and accurate inventory management.
  • Assets within a business always need maintenance or regular checks. Faceworks Asset Management Software provides timely alerts according to schedules, ensuring that maintenance is carried out on time and preventing asset loss and wear over time.
  • The software can be used on any internet-connected device (computer, phone, iPad, etc.), allowing users easy access anytime, anywhere. This eliminates dependency on a single server and helps business managers detect issues like asset loss or damage.
  • The software offers tight permission control, allowing business managers to restrict access and operations related to data. This ensures that the business can work synchronously centrally while maintaining the security of critical information.
  • The software automatically synthesizes reports and statistics of assets at various levels, from groups, departments, and sectors to the entire enterprise. It simplifies and ensures accuracy in reporting from lower-level units upward.
  • With a friendly, simple, and easy-to-use interface, the software maximizes user information security, preventing leaks. It ensures 100% accurate data





Asset Category Management:

  • Manage initial categories related to assets, such as Manufacturer, Asset Category, Asset Group, Asset Type, Unit of Measurement, Asset Utilization Unit, and Employees using assets.
  • Declaration and registration of equipment and fixed asset categories, synchronized with the asset accounting subsystem, including detailed information about the manufacturer, year of manufacture, technical specifications, operational capacity, etc.

Administrative Record Management of Equipment:

  • Update and manage documents like registration certificates, inspections, certifications, insurance, etc., for each asset and piece of equipment.
  •  Updating, tracking, and alerting on the expiration of documents related to each asset and piece of equipment, such as licenses, renewals, etc. Managing information about units responsible for licensing, renewals, and handling administrative records for equipment to facilitate new issuance or extensions when necessary.
  • Attach documents such as user manuals, operation instructions, advisory materials, manufacturer’s maintenance regulations, or images/scans of administrative records for each piece of equipment.


Detailed Asset Management:

  •  Managing assets requires a wealth of information. What if you’ve completed data entry only to discover that something is missing? Now you have to go back and add the missing information. Faceworks Asset Management software will assist in entering information and aligning with asset management business processes. Businesses can easily manage the quantity of assets, update changes in asset quantity through predefined item lists, and provide automatic control to prevent data entry errors.
  • The Asset Management software will integrate various management features, create lists, and classify assets based on criteria such as asset type, ownership department, organization, value, or asset source. The software will track leased assets, the history of leased assets, or gifted assets, making it efficient, cost-effective, and not a burden for the management staff.

Asset Status Management, Asset Maintenance:

  • Asset verification is often a challenging phase for the management and accounting departments, especially toward the end of the year. The Faceworks Asset Management software solution helps digitize all assets. Our software will manage and closely monitor the asset life cycle through various stages, such as the origin of the asset, year of manufacture, and year of acquisition for use, providing a clear understanding of the asset’s status.
  • The software also supports calculating depreciation values, asset depreciation stages, and updating changes in the original cost and remaining value of the asset. This makes the process of asset verification and monitoring detailed asset verification procedures faster and more straightforward.
  • We also have solutions for companies that require periodic or continuous asset maintenance, asset management solutions are indispensable. The Faceworks Asset Management software provides scheduling and notification features for asset maintenance, tracks detailed status information on maintained assets, and maintains a history of asset usage.

Asset Request Management, Asset Transfer:

  • For a company or conglomerate, asset management involves multiple departments. From administration to accounting and business, the process of requesting or supporting the allocation of assets can become challenging when considering approvals, additional support, and overall asset management.
  • The Faceworks Asset Management software supports request forms for subordinates to submit asset allocation requests, creates a management list of pending requests for leadership approval, and tracks the history and status of each request. This makes the process more systematic and straightforward.

Asset Import and Export:

  • This function allows the entry of assets into inventory for internal use within the business, facilitating inventory management and asset tracking

Other Features:

  • The Faceworks asset management software provides a diverse system of charts and tables to quickly generate reports on asset status, asset inventory, and asset liquidation.
  • The warning and alert system on the software’s homepage, along with notifications through SMS or email, helps inform users of important events such as asset acquisition, disposal dates, and maintenance schedules promptly.
  • With the help of the search function, users can quickly find the information they need based on various criteria.

The software integrates a detailed user permission feature, addressing the security needs of business owners by controlling access to information.


  • The Faceworks management software from TiT Service and Technology Joint Stock Company can be considered the most optimal and comprehensive software solution to meet asset management needs for businesses. Notable for its high flexibility, users can create custom management modules without altering existing operational processes. The software facilitates professional and simplified asset management, reducing time and saving costs for businesses.

If your enterprise is interested in using asset management software, please contact us for a detailed consultation or register for a trial here.



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