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Bookstore Management Software

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The continuously increasing number and types of books pose numerous challenges for many bookstore managers, such as the inability to control the current quantity of books, books sold, and inventory. The bookstore management software developed by TiT Corporation aims to address these challenges and make the management of bookstores more efficient and straightforward than ever before.


Functions of Bookstore Management Software

  • Customer Management
    • Store customer information for easy care, including full name, phone number, email, website, etc.
    • Allow setting special pricing for each customer group and individual customers.
  • Goods Management
    • A flexible design program allows users to define and categorize goods into specific groups or categories, such as different types of books.
    • Manage detailed book-related information such as author, publisher, publication year, and supplier. Allow quick search for goods based on these attributes.
    • Support barcode printing for labeling products. Multiple barcode standards can be used, such as EAN-13, EAN-8, …
    • Support quick updates on selling prices for goods.
  • Sales Management
    • Quotation Management
      • Support quick creation of quotations for customers and print quotations for sending to customers.
      • Quickly convert from a quotation to a sales order or an invoice.
    • Order Management
      • Support quick creation and printing of sales orders for customers.
      • Grant employee permissions for order approval before processing.
      • Can quickly convert a sales order into an invoice or duplicate it for a similar order.
    • Sales Management
      • Visual and user-friendly sales interface with shortcut keys for quick order creation and bill printing.
      • Support for barcode-based sales.
      • Quick product search on the sales screen.
      • View current inventory quickly.
      • Automatically calculate discounts and promotions for customers.
      • Identify customers and automatically apply preferential prices for each customer.
      • Accept payments in multiple currencies.
      • Accept payments through various methods: Visa, Mastercard, Vouchers, customer cards, etc.
      • Allow saving a temporary invoice to create a sales order for another customer.
    • Return Management
      • Allow entry of returned items from customers.
      • Allow entry of returned items from customers.
    • Consignment Inventory Management
      • Record consigned items at distributors, bookstores, etc.
      • Record consigned items sold to distributors and bookstores. Track the quantity of consigned books.
      • Record the quantity of consigned items that have been reclaimed.
    • Promotion Program Setup
      • Support easy and flexible setup and management of promotion programs.
      • Allow setting promotions based on items, such as buy one book, get one free, buy one book at a discount, buy one book, and get another item for free, etc.
      • Allow setting promotions based on each order, such as buying a voucher with a specific value, getting a discount, or receiving a free item.
      • After setup, the system automatically checks items purchased by customers, and if they meet the criteria, applies the corresponding discounts or promotions.
    • System Reports
      • Sales Reports: includes various reports related to sales such as daily sales revenue report, detailed cash sales report, summarized cash sales report, detailed item sales report, summarized item sales report, etc.
      • Inventory Reports: includes reports related to inventory such as inventory status reports, inventory cards, inventory in-out reports, returned item reports, returned sales reports, etc.
      • Purchase Reports: includes reports related to purchasing such as detailed purchase amount, detailed accounts payable, summarized accounts payable, supplier accounts reconciliation, etc.
      • Purchase Reports: includes reports related to purchasing such as detailed purchase amount, detailed accounts payable, summarized accounts payable, supplier accounts reconciliation, etc.
      • Salesperson Performance Reports: includes reports on business results for each salesperson, such as sales journal, detailed sales by salesperson, sales amount statistics by salesperson, etc.
    • System Administration
      • Manage user groups.
      • Manage user lists.
      • User permissions are based on the user.
      • Permission by task.
      • Function-based permissions: add, edit, delete, view.
      • Change password.
      • Backup.
      • Data recovery.
      • Lock transaction ledger.
      • Close transaction ledger.
      • Event tracking: allows tracking and controlling the log of all users’ program usage.
      • System information setup: allows setting up the company’s specific information like business name, address, phone, email, and website, also inserting the company logo.


Benefits of Using the Software

  • User permissions management software
    •  The user permissions function allows assigning permissions to roles such as managers, sales staff, and warehouse staff, ensuring they can view and edit information without compromising the security of the software. Only when granted permission by the admin can users view and modify information.
  • Integrated invoice printing, fast billing
    • The software from Tit Corporation can seamlessly integrate with invoice printers, enabling bookstore and office supply store staff to quickly and efficiently handle customer billing, saving time.
  • Barcode scanner integration for easy inventory checking
    • Simply scanning barcodes on products helps KiotViet easily integrate with barcode scanners, facilitating swift inventory checks.
  • Flexible discounts by book genre
    •  The software allows for flexible management of percentage discounts by book genre. Adjust discount levels and promotions as desired.
  • Check modifications anytime and anywhere
    • With the feature of updating data 100% to the system, you can monitor business conditions, sales figures, and store finances even when you are not there. You can assess the business efficiency of each employee with specific and detailed figures.





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