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Canteen Management Software

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Canteens serve as dining establishments providing services for customers, predominantly catering to the dining needs of employees within office buildings, schools, offices, or industrial zones. Because of the large amount of meals served daily, managing and calculating food costs can be shortcomings. How can these issues be drastically minimized? The Canteen Management Software from TiT is designed to address the challenges that canteens currently face while simultaneously enhancing the efficiency and quality of management.

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Functions of Canteen Management Software

  • Accurate Meal Arrangement for Each Individual
    • In large-scale canteens, such as those in schools or businesses, manual management is highly complex, costly in terms of labor, and challenging to ensure accuracy in expenses. The TiT management software provides precise data on the quantity of each meal needed for employees, avoiding overstock or shortages. To make reports and statistics for managers more straightforward.
  • Cost Savings by Minimizing Unnecessary Expenses
    • Help save costs and minimize unnecessary expenses to the lowest possible level.
    • The traditional ways of issuing or buying meal tickets are time-consuming and challenging to manage. Our software replaces those methods with quick card swiping for payment.
  • Freedom from Manual Calculations for Canteen Operations
    • Assist canteens in avoiding manual tasks related to meal calculation, statistics, advance payments, and final payments.
    • Customize to match the business environment, maximizing operational efficiency in canteen management based on client requirements.
  • Storage of Meal Registration Information and Display During Card Scanning
    • Store meal registration information and display it when an employee scans their card.
    • Save costs by preventing outsiders from entering and controlling instances where an employee might take multiple portions, significantly reducing the loss of meal expenses.
  • Accurate Calculation of Ingredient Quantities for the Kitchen
    • Determine the precise quantity of ingredients needed for each dish, aiding in efficient purchasing and avoiding overstock or shortages that could impact canteen operations.
  • Reducing Costs for the Canteen and Dining Hall
    • Integrate with smart card payments, replacing the traditional meal voucher system and streamlining processes.
    • Store and display meal registration information during card scanning, contributing to cost control and minimizing unauthorized access.
  • Features of Canteen Management Software
    • (Ảnh 2
      • Tự động in phiếu ăn => Automatic Meal Ticket Printing.
      • Tự động báo đặt suất ăn => Automatic Meal Reservation. 
      • Lựa chọn món ăn và in phiếu cho khách không đặt trước => Menu Selection and Ticket Printing for Walk-in customers.
      • Quản lý giờ ăn và số lần ăn => Meal Time and Frequency Management.
      • Lưu giữ nhật ký sử dụng => Usage Log Retention.
      • Thiết lập thông tin doanh nghiệp => Business Information Setting.
      • Sao lưu, phục hồi dữ liệu => Data Backup and Restoration.
      • Quản lý doanh thu tài chính => Financial Revenue Management.)

Advantages of Canteen Management Software

The software can operate the system accurately, minimizing the need for human resources.

  • Make the management process easy. The system handles the entire process from A to Z, so employees only have to receive the bill and deliver the correct meal.
  • Although the initial investment in the software may be higher than traditional canteen management, it will be cost-effective in the long run, ensuring precise and accurate canteen management.
  • With accurate management and data, business owners can have peace of mind. It allows them to dedicate their time to researching new dishes and services, refreshing the canteen’s business and better serving customers.
  • The software features a user-friendly interface with high practicality, significantly improving business efficiency.
  • The canteen, updated with modern technology, transforms into a new, complete, and modern facility. Employees and customers alike place more trust in the canteen.
  • Employees and customers can freely choose and operate the system fast and precisely, ensuring customers receive their meals within minutes and avoiding disorderly transactions.
  • TiT’s management software can easily expand and integrate with other management systems, such as attendance tracking and payroll systems.








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