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Class Management Software

27/12/2023 | 130 lượt xem

A training center can only develop and operate stably when the management has appropriate solutions to handle the system of classes within the training center. The entire training center functions properly when every class is managed systematically and efficiently.

However, during the management of classes in the training center, managers often encounter issues such as not being able to control the number of students, not having an overview of the class’s learning situation, and each student’s individual characteristics, information, and learning status. These variations can lead to difficulties in synchronizing and updating information.

We present Faceworks class management for training center management software to address these challenges. This module allows you to optimize and manage classes most efficiently and systematically.

Utilities of the Class Management Module:



  • Class Arrangement Management:
    • The class management module can assist in organizing classes when updating the entrance exam results of students. The software supports:
      • Sorte the system of students in each class based on the entrance exam scores.
      • Update the class placement information for each student.
      • Update information about instructors and classrooms for each class.
  • Class Information Management:
    • The software supports quick updates and maximum storage of student and class information, including:
      • Class list management.
      • Class information management: class name, status, teacher, tuition fee.
      • Manage the number of students in each class.
      • Manage information about instructors, assistants, and class managers for each class.
      • Class schedule management, including start and end dates, number of sessions, and number of sessions attended.
      • Age management corresponds to the class.
      • Curriculum management.
      • Information about class schedules, holidays, exams, etc.
  • Timetable Management:
    • Manage the timetable for every class in the training center.
    • Arrange teachers to avoid schedule conflicts and shortages.
    • Organize a timetable that aligns with the conditions and learning needs of students.
    • Integrate with the notification system to inform students about their class schedules.
  • Class Notification Management: 
    • Training management software integrated with SMS and email systems, allowing training centers to send regular and synchronized notifications for each class: 
      • Notify input exam results for each student.
      • Announce the class schedule for each semester.
      • Update periodic exam results, number of class sessions, and student learning status via SMS. Then send emails to students and parents.
      • Send information, schedules, and results for the entire class system.
      • Notify each student in each class about class schedules, exams, collective activities, study breaks, etc.
  • Class Learning Results Management: 
    • Update information on the number of class absences and student attendance in each class.
    • Manage exam results for each student: entrance exams, periodic exams, graduation exams, etc.
    • Evaluate learning outcomes and training results for every class in specific stages and semesters.
  • Class Transfer Management: 
    • Update information and list of students transferring from one class to another.
    • Efficiently store and update information on scores, results, tuition fees, etc.
    • Update class time, number of sessions, and learning level to avoid repetition when moving to a new class, preventing relearning already covered material and skipping unlearned topics.


Utility of Classroom Management System – Training Center Management Software:

  • Using training management software assists administrators in monitoring students’ academic progress and managing staff in the center. It enhances centralized management, optimizes resources, and improves analytical capabilities, enabling proactive and effective interventions in the management process. It aids leaders in planning, staffing, and organizing activities effortlessly.
  • Enhance work efficiency, reduce administrative procedures, handle tasks systematically, and foster communication among center staff. It facilitates easy report generation for leaders with real-time updates based on the reporting system.
  • Connect to the training center’s website, automatically updating student information registered on the platform. The transparent information system minimizes managerial time, and the system’s powerful permission and security settings ensure rapid and accurate information dissemination to users.
  • Managing both classrooms and the overall training center system becomes more straightforward when using this software. Businesses interested in training center management software, especially class management modules, are encouraged to contact us for personalized consultations.



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