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Cold Storage Management Software

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Currently, cold storage is extensively used in various industries, with the food processing industry being one of the major consumers. Commonly stored items include food products, agricultural produce, and medical supplies. Managing goods in cold storage can be challenging due to its complex nature and the limited shelf life of stored items. How can you effectively manage and optimize this process?


TiT has designed The Faceworks Cold Storage Management Software to address this challenge. Our software stands out with its user-friendly interface, simplicity, and ease of use, catering even to those with limited computer or accounting knowledge. With a detailed hierarchical system, our software solution helps you manage cold storage intricately. Users can efficiently manage daily, monthly, or hourly inventory, preventing waste and optimizing efficiency. All operations are centralized in a software solution, ensuring seamless connectivity and optimal effectiveness.


Benefits of Using TIT Cold Storage Management Software:

  • Allow users to access it anytime, anywhere, from laptops, computers, or smartphones, as long as there is an internet connection. This flexibility enables users to manage, monitor, and provide directives swiftly, creating a sense of real-time control over the warehouse.
  • Give detailed statistics for each product, various types of goods, quantities, and movements. Help users easily observe fluctuations in the warehouse, preventing irrational losses of goods.
  • Offers a diverse charting system that allows users to generate reports or analyze inventory quickly.  Facilitate efficient decision-making.
  • All managers and employees work within the same software as a centralized system. It ensures easy monitoring of employee activities and workflow, enabling managers to provide instructions, receive work reports, and address issues promptly.
  • Allow managers to identify any irregularities and deficiencies within the system without difficulties.
  • Warehouse dynamics are automatically reflected in sales and accounting without restructuring or reclassification needed.
  • Everyone, from managers to employees, works on the same system, allowing access and updates to all information. However, with our permission management feature, business leaders can control who sees what, ensuring information security while maintaining synchronized and centralized operations.


Notable Features of the Software:



  • Product Information Management:
    • Manage detailed product-related information, including product names, codes, values, and categorization.
    • Group and classify products based on various criteria.
    • Track units of measurement, counting methods, and conversion capabilities.
    • Capture details such as origin, category, color, characteristics, notes, and expiration dates.
  • Management of Partner, Supplier, and Food Distributing:
    • Keep detailed records of partner information, including names, tax IDs, contact addresses, importance levels, and relevant notes.
    • Manage and categorize the quantity of goods supplied by each supplier.
    • Track specific goods purchased by individual customers.
  • Inventory Inflow Management:
    • Handle the inflow of goods through various channels, including finished products, raw materials for manufacturing, and goods received from suppliers.
    • Manage returns from customers and other inventory adjustments.
  • Inventory Outflow Management:
    • Effectively manage the outflow of goods, including items used in manufacturing, goods supplied to customers, and returned goods.
  • Inventory Auditing and Adjustment:
    • Facilitate easy auditing and reconciliation of inventory levels against documented transactions and stock levels.
    • Conveniently adjust inventory to align with actual conditions.
  • Other Features:
    • Utilize a diverse range of charts and graphs to quickly report on inventory movements, providing insights through visual analysis.
    • Receive system alerts and reminders through the software’s dashboard, SMS, or email for events such as scheduled stock movements, arrival dates, or overdue inventory.
    • Import data quickly from files or export it to Excel files for efficient data management.
    • Leverage the search function to find information based on various criteria quickly.
    • Implement detailed user permissions to ensure business information, allowing for controlled access and actions within the system.

The Faceworks warehouse management software by TiT can be considered the most suitable solution for addressing all the cold storage inventory management needs of a business. The software’s effectiveness is immense, allowing for the easy management of all aspects of the supply chain through a single software solution. With its highly flexible customization capabilities, unlike any template-driven software on the market, we will build the software in detail based on the management processes and requirements of the business. It enables enterprises to access and use the software easily, making them don’t have to alter their current management procedures.


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