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Construction Company Management Software

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There is a current situation in many construction companies: they are still limited in applying software to their operational management. Construction is an industry with large capital investment, long project implementation time, and big and dispersed construction sites, involving many units, organizations, and individuals. The management challenge for the construction industry becomes more critical than ever when construction companies still adhere to traditional management methods, not efficiently utilizing resources, leading to waste and missing out on new investment opportunities.


In response to this need, Faceworks construction management software by TiT is designed and developed to enhance professionalism in all stages, from project construction and design to human resource management and accounting. The software will help you manage the entire necessary process of a construction company.


Overview of the Functions of the Construction Management Software:



  • Comprehensive Management of Departments in the Enterprise:
    • Manage information about all departments, their functions, and the number of members in each department.
    • Assign tasks and guidance to departments.
    • Monitor the work and performance of each department.


  • Customer Information Management for Construction:
    • Fully manage customer information: customer groups, personal information, birthdays, company details, etc.
    • Save transaction history with customers: frequency, transaction value, details of each purchase, and payment history, all stored and detailed statistics.
    • Customer management is based on their importance for better care.
    • Automatically send birthday wishes and customer care messages.


  • Supplier Information Management for Materials and Equipment:
    • Management of supplier information: general details about agencies, their importance, etc.
    • Tracking of material imports from suppliers: frequency, value of imports, total value per supplier, detailed records of each import, and outstanding debts to suppliers.
    • Manage potential new suppliers, including related information.


  • Inventory Management for Materials and Equipment:
    • Manage goods, inventory categories, and details such as date of entry, batch number, serial number, and expiration date in details.
    • Alert approaching and overdue expiration dates, goods arriving at the expiration date, and notifications when inventory levels reach the minimum threshold.
    • Manage inventory plans, reserved stock, inventory status, and goods awaiting shipment.
    • Management of specific types of goods: returned goods, goods from specific projects, etc.
    • Cost price management, tracking additional costs related to goods for transfer to accounting.


  • Construction Project Management:
    • Planning construction timelines based on prepared estimates: drawing Gantt charts, generating charts for workforce, capital, materials, machine shifts, etc.




  • Debt, accounts receivable, and accounts payable management for the business:
    • Automatically manage accounts receivable for each customer, based on the type of goods, the amount paid, the outstanding amount, total debt, and difficult-to-collect debts in detail.
    • Manage accounts payable to suppliers, categorizing them by each supplier and tracking the total amount owed.
    • Alert for upcoming payment due dates to suppliers by the software dashboard, SMS, or email.
    • Automatically reconcile debts when returns of goods occur.


  • Detailed management of staff and workers:
    • Manage information about employees in the business, including personal information, contact details, employee evaluations, and employment contracts.
    •  Have a daily employee attendance tracking system, with a detailed attendance record.
    • Automatic calculation of salaries and generation of salary statements for each employee based on monthly attendance records.


  • Project Management:





  • Detailed project information management: budgeted time, total investment, execution time, investment field, location, project scale, etc.
  • Management of investment estimates: overseeing funding sources and plans for using project funds, as well as managing investment decisions, approvals, and designs.
  • Work Planning and Management. Allow hierarchical planning, making it easy to create and distribute detailed work plans. Users can set task statuses, such as completed, incomplete, or in progress.
  • Financial and Resource Management:
    • Establish and manage financial resources related to the project in detail, with the comprehensive recording of income and expenses to facilitate easy management.
    • Allocation and management of personnel resources, ensuring proper staffing.
  • Progress Tracking and Risk Management:
    • Control over the most detailed progress of each task, even daily. Monitoring of critical task-related notes.
    • Regular monitoring enables managers to update and assess risks and opportunities during project implementation.
  • Project Material Management:
    • Unlimited quantity and capacity for various types of documents. Systematic storage and easy retrieval of project-related documents.
    • Managers can assign permissions for document viewing to ensure security.
  • Statistics and Reporting:
    • Provide a variety of tables, charts, analyses, etc., making it easy for managers to create reports for detailed analysis and statistics.
    • Users only need to input data into the system, and it will automatically generate documents, contracts, or forms.
    • Integrate with the ability to export data to Excel files, allowing for additional flexibility in data analysis and presentation.

The Faceworks construction management software by TIT is a comprehensive solution designed to meet all the management needs of a construction business. With our software, managers can synchronize and organize everything related to projects for easy management, monitoring, and retrieval when needed. Having all employees working collaboratively within the software system allows business owners to easily track, manage, direct, and expedite work, as well as promptly address any issues, reducing costs and time for tasks. Additionally, the initially white-label software is highly customizable, not bound by any templates – a feature that sets it apart from other software. We build the software based on user processes and requirements, making it suitable for all types of businesses.


Contact us now for a consultation on the Faceworks construction management software solution or register for a trial here.








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