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Customer Management Software

24/11/2023 | 157 lượt xem

Customers are the most profitable source of income for businesses and companies. With more customers, the greater the potential profit. However, as the amount of customers increases, businesses often face more challenges. Here are some reasons why businesses need customer management software.

  1. Manage a large number of customers, each employee managing in their own way, decentralized customer management, and difficulty in finding information about old customers.
  2. Employees usually take the company’s customers with them when they leave.
  3. Lost contact with old customers.
  4. Using customer management software for your business will help manage potential customers as well as opportunities more efficiently.
  5. Maintain long-term relationships with customers to support other business activities.

So, how can you efficiently store, advise, and manage customer information? Our company, TiT Corporation, and Services, has introduced customer management software to provide managers with a comprehensive solution for customer management.

Benefits of The Software:



Functions of the Software:

  1. Customer Management:
    • Manage customer information such as name, age, phone number, email, address, etc.
    • Classify customers based on age, gender, region, etc.
    • Efficiently filter customer data based on criteria like customer code, phone number, data manager, etc.
    • Organize customer data systematically, allowing easy search and retrieval based on various filters like region, business type, etc.
    • Manage transaction records of customers and classify them based on various criteria.
    • Manage appointments with customers.
    • Manage the services utilized by customers.
  2. Customer Service:
    • Analyze customer needs through opportunities, transactions, and contracts.
    • Send customer care letters introducing products and conveying birthday wishes.
    • Make appointments and work sessions with customers.
  3. Marketing Management:
    • Make a marketing campaign by emailing or texting customers.
    • Send a Marketing Email
    • Automate marketing campaigns on a weekly or monthly basis.
    • Evaluate potential customer sources, thereby assessing the effectiveness of each marketing campaign.
  4. Staff Management:
    • Manage list of staff’s information.
    • Manage each user corresponding to each employee.
    • Monitor which employee is responsible for customer service.
    • Track contracts signed with the involvement of specific employees. 
    • Manage commission.
  5. Report System:
    • Report currently available customer’s list.
    • Report list of new customers for the day, week, month, and year.
    • Report on the work schedule of employees with customers.
    • Report on the list of potential customers
    • Report on customer receivables. 
    • Report on the list of customers cared for by each employee. 
    • Report on products currently used by customers.
  6. Notable Advantages of our Software:



Faceworks software from TiT offers high customization capability. When applying the software, you can create management modules suitable for your needs without changing existing operational processes. The software helps streamline and simplify professional customer management, reducing time for employees and saving costs for businesses.




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