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Food Store Management Software

19/01/2024 | 174 lượt xem

Clean food stores and supermarkets focusing on hygienic nutrition products are gaining significant attention from manufacturing and business entities. Due to the increasing demand for clean food among consumers, especially as the current state of contaminated and low-quality food poses a threat to the health of every household. However, dealing with perishable products like foodstuffs with a limited shelf life requires appropriate and scientific management to control the quality of the food. Fortunately, many supermarkets and food stores have quickly adopted advanced technology – food store management software – to enhance their business and achieve high efficiency.


We at TIT Technology Corporation offer you “Faceworks,” the most optimal and advanced food store management software. It helps achieve the highest efficiency in managing food stores, saving time and costs.


If you have any further questions or need assistance, please contact us.


Benefits of using Tit’s Food Store Management Software

  • All data and information of the food store are stored in a single system, allowing the store owner to manage and retrieve information quickly and easily. It helps identify arising issues promptly and enables timely resolution.
  • Despite all employees and managers working on the same system, the detailed permission settings allow the admin account manager to restrict access areas and data operation rights for employees in different departments. It ensures synchronized management while securing essential information.
  • With just one device connected to the internet (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), users can utilize the software without installation requirements or dependence on multiple servers. It enables store management from anywhere and at any time.
  • Minimizes redundant tasks, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Features of Food Store Management Software




  • Goods Management
    • Classify goods based on the time of entry: The software allows entering initial inventory over time for each item, ensuring freshness and easy control of inventory quantities daily.
    • Check expired goods: The data recording capability (inflows, outflows, daily inventory) assists in checking the remaining quantity and storage time to plan for disposal, ensuring the store’s quality and maintaining consumer trust.
    • Flexible unit conversion: Allows store owners to create suitable units for purchase and sale (e.g., kg, g, pieces). Compared to the conversion unit, the software will automatically calculate the value of goods, saving time for staff.
  • Inventory Management
    • Integrate with barcode scanners to update inventory movements instead of manual recording.
    • Comprehensive product information management contains product name, quantity, origin, unit, entry date, etc.
    • Alert system for inventory levels and sales statistics over time, helping store owners plan appropriate orders based on customer needs.
    • Balance sold goods with electronic scales and integrated barcodes for accurate inventory management.
  • Financial Management
    • Expense history management (purchase, utility bills, rent, etc.).
    • Daily, monthly, and yearly income updates.
    • Integration with barcode scanners to quickly generate sales invoices detailing sales time, product name, quantity, total, seller, amount paid by the customer, change returned, etc.
    • Save transaction history for checking and control purposes.
  • Customer Management
    • Create loyalty point programs and manage loyal customer cards and VIP customer cards.
    • Support for creating promotional programs for loyal and VIP customers.
    • Notification system on the homepage for customer birthdays, automatically sending birthday greetings via email or SMS, or creating discount programs for customers with birthdays.
    • Management of other promotional programs to align with business objectives.
  • Other Features
    • Employee management: The software can integrate with timekeeping machines, salary calculation, facilitating the management of working hours for sales staff, and quick, accurate salary calculation.
    • Various chart systems help write financial reports or consumer survey articles quickly and easily.
    • Data filtering and search functions with various criteria enable quick information retrieval.
    • Allow data import from files or export data to Excel files quickly.
    • Have detailed permission settings to ensure synchronized management while securing essential information.
    • The software’s high customization capability, not following a specific template, makes it suitable for various store models and easy to adapt to the store’s needs.



We ensure that “Faceworks” management software is the most optimal and comprehensive solution to fulfill all requirements of managing a food store. With flexible customization capabilities, we will build detailed software based on the store’s management process and conditions, making it easy for users to access and use the software without changing their management processes. With a highly competitive price and 24/7 support, we are confident that users will be satisfied when choosing our company’s product. Contact us now to receive advice on this optimal management solution.


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