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Footwear Store Management Software

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Footwear is a fashion item used regularly in daily life. They come in various types, materials, and origins, creating a diverse and colorful footwear market. This diversity also makes managing footwear stores challenging. Some of the difficulties include:

  • Lack of control over actual inventory in the warehouse, often in a state of ambiguity regarding the actual quantity of inventory on hand.
  • A high workload leads to a constant feeling of an insufficient and effective workforce, causing concerns about the sales and personnel team.
  • Fear of inadequate management hindering plans for production and business expansion.
  • Excessive workload affects personal time for family and oneself, potentially leading to health issues and even mental distress.
  • Managers lacking accounting expertise may find financial reports confusing and challenging to verify. Unexpected checks of business reports and not following regular schedules can be difficult for businesses.
  • Successful businesses with significant revenue may hesitate to expand due to concerns about managing store chains and branches, especially when dealing with long distances.

TiT Corporation designs the software to address these challenges, enhancing the quality and efficiency of footwear store management.

Functions of the software



  • Product Management
    • Product Management
    • Track inventory and stock levels.
    • Monitor product imports and exports.
    • Generate detailed reports on product-related activities.
  • Generate detailed reports on product-related activities.
    • Administer employee records.
    • Oversee employee schedules and working hours.
    • Report on individual employee performance.
  • Customer Management
    • Handle customer information.
    • Classify and segment customers for targeted care.
    • Classify and segment customers for targeted care.
  • Invoice and Document Management
    • Manage invoices and official documents.
    • Classify and categorize invoices and documents.
    • Handle supplier invoices and manage document imports and exports.
  • Supplier Management
    • Manage supplier information.
    • Track products from different suppliers.
    • Compare prices of products from various suppliers.
  • Promotion Management
    • Create and manage promotional programs.
    • Establish discount schemes based on orders or product categories.
    • Generate reports on each promotional campaign, including revenue and customer demographics.
  • Revenue Reporting and Detailed Statistics
    • Generate revenue reports and detailed statistics.
    • Analyze cost details, revenue, profit, and loss over time.
    • Implement an alert system for low stock levels.

Benefits of the Software

  • Maximize human labor efficiency, eliminating the feeling of an overwhelming workload.
  • Provide reassurance to customers through a professional and scientifically accurate payment method.
  • Enhance the professionalism of the staff through efficient management methods.
  • Minimize management time while ensuring absolute accuracy.
  • Report quickly and clearly at all times.
  • Easily scalable.
  • Controls] the entire proposed – imported – inventory of goods.

With the footwear management software from TiT Corporation and Services, managing your business becomes easier than ever! Contact us now to receive professional consulting and effective software solutions.





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