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Grocery Store Management Software

21/12/2023 | 179 lượt xem

In today’s world, traditional management methods are no longer fit for large-scale grocery stores with multiple branches. Managers may find it challenging to handle numerous tasks simultaneously, control employee activities, and consume excessive time. In response to those problems, We have developed grocery store management software.



Features of Grocery Store Management Software:



  • Employee Management:


      • Employee Information Management. Store owners maintain employee information, including support for personnel files, work schedules, salary information, and soft contracts.
      • Employee Work Status Management. Assist managers in tracking and monitoring the tasks of each employee. Also, record the progress of their work.


  • Customer Management:


      • Customer Information Management. Update customer information such as name, phone number, address, purchase frequency, and total invoices in the software. Also, categorize customers based on their stat and by the store owner’s or employees’ instructions.
      • Customer Care. Automatically send SMS marketing for birthday wishes, information about discount programs, promotions, and loyalty point updates.
      • Promotion Program Management. Set up promotion programs for individual items, per invoice, or customer groups.


  • Supplier Management:


      • Supplier Information Management. Manage information about suppliers, including supplier name, address, email, website, the items they supply, and the prices of those items.
      • Contract Management with Suppliers. Manage contracts with suppliers, including contract signing time, contract type, duration of the contract, and contract value.
      • Transaction Management with Each Supplier. Keep track of each transaction with every supplier.


  • Inventory Management:


      • Management of Import and Export Processes. Track details of the import and export processes, including the responsible employee, time, quantity, item names, and product quality.
      • Inventory Check Notification. The software proactively reminds users of the scheduled inventory checks for each item.
      • Inventory Level Notifications. The software notifies about the minimum and maximum inventory levels for every item, helping to avoid stockouts or excess inventory.


  • Integration with Hardware Devices:


      • The software connects with hardware devices such as invoice printers, barcode scanners, and electronic scales. Integration with these devices helps the grocery store owner monitor their activities in detail, synchronize all data on a single system, and expedite the billing and payment process.


  • Report on Business State:


    • Automated Reporting. Automatically generate reports based on the data stored in the software and by the instructions of the manager or employees.
    • Diverse Chart Systems. The software includes many chart types, graphs, and diagrams to present information more dynamic and lively.

Utilities of Grocery Store Management Software:



  • Flexibility, Sophistication
    • With notable flexible customization, not following a specific template, the software is built according to the workflow, needs, and grocery store’s style.
  • Safety and Security
    • With the permission function, the manager can limit the scope of inquiry and data operation rights for other users. It helps employees still access information for their tasks while securing critical information.
  • Unified Data Management
    • All data is managed on a single system, allowing the project management department to easily search when needed, avoiding situations where data is scattered or lost.
  • Access anytime, anywhere
    • The software is built on cloud computing technology. It also operates on a web browser, so users do not need to install software on their computers and can use it on any device (phone, tablet, computer, etc.) with an internet connection.

With the help of grocery store management software, the store management process becomes more unified and safer. You can also achieve higher profitability. Accessing and using grocery store management software will bring many surprising results. Please contact us for further information if you want to learn more about the software. 





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