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Gym Management Software

21/12/2023 | 212 lượt xem

In today’s world, the demand for exercise to improve health and beauty is increasing, leading to a proportional rise in the number of people turning to gym workouts. However, for a gym to operate most effectively, the gym owner needs a solution to support the management of their facility. Understanding this need, TIT Technology and Services Corporation have introduced the FACEWORKS gym management software solution – the most professional and optimal software to help gym owners effectively manage their facilities.



Benefits of Using FACEWORKS Gym Management Software by TITs:



  • Gym Room Management:
    • Manage information for each gym room: room code, room name (fitness, gym, yoga, classes, etc.), quantity of rooms, etc.
    • Manage gym equipment details: equipment name, code, quantity, date of purchase, warranty date, origin, condition, etc.
    • Employee management: sales staff, customer care staff, and personal trainers, with detailed system permissions.
    • Employee attendance management.
    • Manage member feedback on gym staff.
  • Workout Packages and Membership Card Management:
    • Workout Packages and Membership Card Management
    • Create and manage various workout packages and forms: 3-month fitness package, 1-year fitness package, session-based workout package, etc.
    • An integrated system with pre-programmed cards for different packages enables members to scan their cards for access and tracking card validity.
    • Alert for upcoming card expiration for renewals.
    • Manage card renewals, fee collection, and issuance of receipts for new registrations or card renewals.
  • Member Management:
    • Manage information for each member: name, age, position, occupation, birthday, member type, fingerprint code, etc.
    • Integrate with fingerprint or membership card scanners for efficient access control.
    • Manage registration date and registration type (hourly, monthly, session-based).
    • Record usage history of member services.
    • Remind and notify on the homepage for birthday wishes, member gifts, and maintaining relationships between members and the gym.
    • Manage member feedback on customer care and personal trainers.
  • Reporting and Statistics:
    • Revenue statistics by day, week, month, quarter, year.
    • Analyze statistics for new registrations and renewals.
    • Create statistics for the number of renewals, workout sessions, and remaining sessions for each member.
    • Use various chart systems for easy report writing.
    • Cost reporting at different stages.
    • Productivity report for sales consultants.
    • Report on customer return for services.
  • Integration with Hardware Devices:
    • Integrate with hardware devices such as time clocks to optimize specific processes and manage member access.
  • Other Features:
    • Data filtering and search functionality with diverse criteria.
    • Import and export data quickly from or to Excel files.
    •  Each category has detailed user permissions. Limit data views and operation permissions, ensuring centralized management with information security.
    • Highly customizable software according to the workflow and needs of gym owners, suitable for all gyms, and easy to modify to meet gym requirements.


We believe that the management software developed by TIT Technology and Service Corporation is the optimal and most comprehensive solution to meet the needs of gym management. With its flexible customization capabilities, not adhering to any specific template – a standout feature compared to any other software on the market, we will build detailed software based on the management process and gym owner’s requirements. It allows users to access and use the software without changing management processes. The software facilitates professional and simplified gym management, reducing time and budget for the gym. If your business needs to use the software, please register here.






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