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  • Faceworks will solve your problem

Many hotels are looking to improve customer service quality, optimize resources in terms of infrastructure and staff, and make organizational management more convenient. In response to this demand, TiT’s Faceworks hotel management software is developed to enhance professionalism in the management and marketing of hotels, overseeing the entire process of customer care and support for both guests and managers. TiT’s hotel management software is applied to manage the operations of hotels, enhancing the professionalism of businesses at a reasonable cost.



  • Customer Management and Care
    • Customer Information Management: customer name, relevant contact information, contracts, number of service uses, services used, service usage history, and notes such as:
      • Room management, room information.
      • Room price management, room types.
      • Room management by floor.
      • Room management by status (color: red, green, etc.)
    • Automatic jump time for rooms in service.
    • Customer source statistics: information about creation time, customer source formation, staff receiving customer management, etc.
    • Notify notes related to customers: reminders of service dates and times, customer birthdays, guest birthdays, customer service history, etc.
    • Record information about customer reviews and feedback on service quality.
    • Automatically send congratulatory messages, emails, and customer care.
    • Support staff in scheduling customer care.


  • Partners and Suppliers Management 
    • Manage complete information about partners: Contact information, price list, contracts, commissions, relevant promotion information, etc.
    • Manage the history of collaboration.
    • Record evaluations of service quality by partners
    • Reminders and alerts: approaching contract expiration, feedback on service quality, ongoing promotions, etc.
    • Support search and statistics with various criteria.


  • Manage requests/bookings
    • Record information about service reservations and store the details
    • Create and store information about services and quotations, and manage the customer situation
    • Schedule care appointments
    • Alert and send notifications for care appointment dates and quotation dates are sent to customers via SMS, Email, etc.
    • Assign tasks to employees or departments directly on the software
    • Assign jobs to employees or departments directly on the software
    • Assign assignments to employees or departments directly on the software
    • Create bookings based on requests
    • Automatically transfer received amounts to the accounting system for easy tracking and management.


  • Inventory management for materials and equipment
    • Detailed management of goods, item categories: date of entry, batch number, serial number, expiration date of goods
    • Alert for goods nearing expiration expired, goods nearing the export date, alert for out-of-stock when the quantity reaches the minimum threshold, etc.
    • Manage plans for goods import, storage, inventory management, goods in need of use, etc.
    • Manage item types: returned goods, goods from each department, etc in detail.
    • Cost management of goods and related expenses for transfer to accounting.


  • Financial and accounting management
    • Financial and accounting planning.
    • Manage debt, receivables, and payables.
    • Cost accounting.
    • Fixed assets and depreciation management.
    • General accounting.
    • Tax reports and Financial Statements.


  • Tracking payments and generating bills
    • Quick update of service payments for effective management in detail.
    • Automatically hourly (daily) bill.
    • Allow multiple payments and print bills (room charges + food and beverage charges + multiple payments).
    • Suitable for various paper sizes and printer types.
    • Allow a preview of the bill before printing.
    • Capable of printing multiple copies at once, specifying the number of copies, and saving temporary bill printing history.
    • Efficiently update and manage expenses for each customer and each category.
    • Timely notify and alert for payment due dates, expense dates, or overdue payments through the software homepage, SMS, Email, etc.
    • Generate diverse reports and summaries of income, expenses, and debts based on various criteria: customers, partners, individuals involved, etc.


  • Managing departments and employees
    • Analyzing the departments within the company, the number of members in each department, and the functions and responsibilities of each department.
    • Provide information about the members within each department, including contact details and relevant information.
    • Update work status and task assignments, and quickly notify the departments about important information.
    • Evaluate the work capabilities of each department and employee within the company.
    • Manage employment contracts, track salaries, daily attendance records, and leave requests, and generate monthly attendance and payroll reports.


  • Management of promotion and marketing programs
    • Manage various promotion programs for loyal customers.
    • Allow for point accumulation for customers (individuals, organizations, companies, etc.) who frequently book rooms or use hotel services.
    • Store information about potential customers for the hotel.

In addition, you can add other optional management functions

  • Restaurant management: helps to take orders for each table and coordinate work with the kitchen department. The module allows customers to pay in various forms: cash, foreign currency, credit cards, or charge to the room.
  • Spa & Sports Management: Many hotels in Vietnam provide Spa services (beauty care, mud baths, steam baths, facial peels, etc.). You may experience revenue loss if not managed collectively in the system. If profit from this activity accounts for 30% of total profit, the hotel should consider investing in this module.

Benefits of using Faceworks Hotel Management Software




  • All information about the hotel, customer information, and related details are stored in the software to prevent loss, and users can easily retrieve it when needed.
  • Synchronized working processes and centralization help minimize duplicate tasks and unnecessary work. Utilizing results from previous workflow stages will save costs and time and ultimately increase labor productivity.
  • The software aids businesses in cutting unnecessary work processes and enhancing unified connectivity between departments, thus improving the quality of the business’s services.
  • Leadership levels can monitor the business’s activities and receive information from lower levels quickly and comprehensively, enabling timely decision-making and effective business operations.
  • The software features a user-friendly, simple, and customizable interface, making it suitable for various types of businesses. It can be flexibly adjusted to meet the specific needs of each business.
  • The system updates in real-time, providing minute-by-minute insights into the business’s operations and helping managers stay informed and mitigate risks promptly.


Overall, Faceworks software is a suitable and comprehensive solution to meet the management needs of a single hotel or a hotel chain. It offers numerous useful features at a competitive price, making it budget-friendly for customers. Additionally, the software’s high customization capability allows for an unlimited amount of feature developments, catering to almost all customer needs. The software boasts a simple interface that is easy to use. Furthermore, our technical support team is available 24/7 to assist users.




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