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Human Resource Management

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Human resources have always been a vital issue for an organization or business. Nowadays for businesses to survive and thrive, they must have effective recruitment and human resource management policies. Human resource management involves the management of the workforce in an organization, company, or enterprise. Managing human resources requires an understanding of people in various aspects. Human resource management links to every organization and business. Therefore, the workforce in a business plays a tremendously significant role and is a critical factor in the organization’s operations. To ensure the sustainable development of a business, human resource management must be a top priority.


Overview of Human Resource Management Software Functions


Recruitment Management:



When a business identifies a recruitment need, the HR department devises a plan, which is later sent to the marketing department for job ad postings. As candidates submit their documents online, the software automatically extracts data from the recruitment website, saving registered profiles in the system and forwarding them to the HR department. After screening out unsuitable applications, HR transfers shortlisted candidates’ details to the designated interviewer. Following interviews, successful candidates are updated in the system, and their information is integrated into the software’s employee list, complete with corresponding contracts. This entire process occurs within a unified system, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in data transfer between departments.

Employee Management:

  • Manage employee lists, including individual profiles, qualifications, professional certifications, commendations, disciplinary records, and insurance enrollment history.
  • Upload various types of files like profiles, contracts, and employee photos directly to the software, eliminating the need for scattered text or file storage that may lead to data loss.
  • The system allows for employee management and evaluation within the organization. Employees can set performance targets and self-assess their completed tasks. Evaluation results serve as the basis for making timely and justified decisions regarding rewards, disciplinary actions, or staff reassignments. This tool aids managers in recognizing personnel quality, enabling them to make timely and informed adjustments.

Insurance Policy Management:

  • Establish insurance contribution levels based on regions, individual preferences, and flexible adjustments to align with government regulations.
  • Manage insurance declaration.



Employee Evaluation:

  • Establishment of evaluation standards based on job positions.
  • Planning and conducting regular evaluations.
  • Comparing employees within the same position based on the results of each assessment.
  • Generates reports on employee evaluations and categorizes them according to predefined criteria.

Timekeeping and Payroll Management:

  • The software can integrate with timekeeping devices, updating daily attendance data and storing information on the software system. It consolidates the number of days each employee works, takes leave, or is sick to create a comprehensive attendance sheet.
  • The software features a Leave Request system, allowing employees to request and report leave directly within the software, facilitating the attendance tracking process.
  • The Payroll Management module automates the payroll calculation process, reducing the time spent on salary, tax, and insurance calculations for employees each month. With the help of the software, managers can easily calculate individual salaries based on specific wage rates, work shifts, products, and overtime hours recorded in the daily attendance sheet. It automatically calculates personal income tax (PIT), penalties, and bonuses for each employee. The system also monitors advance payments, liabilities, and outstanding amounts for each employee.



Training Management:



Training management helps businesses plan training programs, organize their implementation, and monitor training results within the company. The software enables businesses to follow a closed-loop process from training planning, training costs for each employee, and training schedules to training outcomes. The software assists in managing the list of employees participating in courses, class schedules, and training costs for each employee in each course. It facilitates easy retrieval of employee information, educational history, and training. Evaluate the training results of each employee to organize the workforce most effectively.

Benefits of Human Resources Management Software:

  • TiT’s software helps store the entire employee profile, personal information, and labor contracts. 
  • Employee profiles are categorized by departments and divisions, making information retrieval easy, and quick, and facilitating focused and effective employee evaluations. 
  • The entire recruitment process is managed on the software, making it easy to oversee, evaluate, and screen candidates. 
  • Managers can easily track employee training plans, enabling them to assess the work capacity of each employee within their respective departments. 
  • The software automates the payroll and insurance calculation processes, allowing flexible salary calculations based on the company’s specific needs. Additionally, it facilitates easy hourly or product-based salary calculations. 
  • The software allows business leaders and managers to keep track of the human resources situation comprehensively through reporting systems, including employee performance reports, workforce fluctuation charts, training plans, and recruitment. This provides the most accurate and comprehensive view of the human resources situation, enabling them to make timely and accurate adjustments.

Human resource management software enhances the ability to manage, supervise, and operate businesses, expanding access to information for managers to carry out their tasks quickly, easily, and conveniently. It optimizes resources in production and business, minimizing paperwork. The software analyzes and evaluates accurate and timely information through a system of information storage solutions, implemented in a unified and standardized process.

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