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Installment Management Software

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In today’s business landscape, many companies and retail outlets have embraced the practice of installment sales to incentivize purchases. However, efficiently managing individual customers, tracking payments, keeping tabs on outstanding balances, and reminding customers of payment due dates can be time-consuming and require meticulous attention to detail. So, how can these tasks be effectively managed?


The solution lies in incorporating information technology into management processes. Specifically, our Joint Stock Service and Technology Company has developed “FACEWORKS,” an installment sales management software. It is a highly optimized and fitting solution that facilitates installment sales with modern, professional, and cost-effective management.


Benefits of Installment Management Software:


  • All data and information from the store are stored on a single system, enabling managers to quickly and easily manage and retrieve information. Additionally, this helps prevent data loss.


  • Even though all employees and managers work on the same system, detailed permission functions allow the admin manager to restrict access areas and data operation rights for employees in different departments. That ensures synchronized management while still maintaining the security of crucial information.


  • With just one internet-connected device (computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.), users can utilize the software without the requirement for installation or dependency on a single server. This capability allows for flexible store management from anywhere at any time.


  • Minimization of redundant tasks and automated calculations contribute to time savings.


  • The user-friendly interface, simplicity, and high customization capability make it easy to use and adaptable to meet the specific needs of businesses and stores.


Features of Installment Management Software:



  • Contract Management:
    • Update contract details and track information such as contract number, signing date, customer’s name, address, amount, installment product, installment period, verification content, etc.
    • Monitor the status of each contract: ongoing installments, fully paid, etc.
    • Integrate with a reminder system for upcoming payment dates.
    • Manage late payment contracts, including information on penalties for late payments.
    • Allow contract search by contract number.
    • Record payments and generate contract prints.
  • Customer Management:
    • Manage customer personal information: Name, date of birth, address, phone number, ID number, bank card number (if payment via bank card), contract number, etc.
    • Manage the total amount to be paid and track the amount needs to be paid in each installment.
    • Track paid and outstanding amounts.
    • Email and SMS alert system for approaching payment deadlines or penalty alerts for overdue payments.
    • Maintain payment history, track and manage customer installment receipts.
    • Transaction lists and customer lists by day/month/year.
    • Add relatives and create a list of relatives.
  • Inventory Management:
    • Monitor goods entering and leaving the warehouse.
    • Create warehouse tags.
    • Manage detailed information about goods.
    • Inventory summary of goods entering, leaving, and remaining for each product group, each warehouse, or overall.
  • Generate Reports:
    • General reports, detailed reports of sales revenue for sales staff.
    • Make reports on the collection status of collection staff.
    • Cash transaction reports.
    • Store revenue reports by day/month/year.
    • Integrate a diverse chart system for easy report writing.



We can say that the installment sales management software “faceworks” is the most optimal and comprehensive software solution to meet the requirements of managing installment sales. With its highly flexible customization capabilities that do not adhere to every predefined template, it stands out compared to any other software on the market. Users can create custom management modules tailored to their requirements without changing operational processes. With our installment sales management software, your company can handle installment sales tasks in the most professional, time-efficient, and cost-effective ways.



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