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Inventory Management Software

24/11/2023 | 150 lượt xem

Your business has a lot of inventory in the warehouse. But you don’t know how to manage it efficiently?

Breaking the inventory issue into smaller components? How to solve it?



TiT’s Warehouse Management Software will help you address this issue. The standout feature of our software is its user-friendly, simple, and easy-to-use interface, making it accessible even for those with limited knowledge of computer technology or accounting. With a detailed hierarchical system, our software solution enables you to manage your warehouse intricately. Users can efficiently manage monthly, daily, and hourly inventory, minimizing waste and losses.



Utility of Faceworks Warehouse Management Software

  • Can be used anytime, anywhere, with just a device connected to the internet like a computer, phone, iPad, etc.
  • Inventory changes will be automatically reflected in sales and accounting without restructuring or reclassification.
  • Warehouse management based on criteria, and allocation of goods in the warehouse.
  • Detailed statistics down to the smallest units for each item code, item type, quantity, in-and-out movements, etc.
  • Can easily create reports or analyze inventory conveniently using a varied chart system.
  • The software is a centralized system, so all managers and employees work together here, making it easy for managers to monitor employees’ work status.
  • Authorization function for easy management.

Highlighted Features of Faceworks Warehouse Management Software

  • Manage comprehensively detailed information about goods and products in the warehouse.
  • Manage item names, item codes, and item values.
  • Manage orders, invoices, and documents in detail.
  • Grouping and categorizing of goods.
  • Unit of measurement, item counting, and conversion capabilities
  • Information about origin, category, color, characteristics, notes, etc.
  • Details about the date of dispatch, date of receipt, and expiration date.



Customer Management

  • Manage customer information: Customer name, Phone number, Address, Group code, Email, Date, Debt, etc.
  • Classify customers or multiple criteria
  • Manage contracts with customers
  • Manage orders for each customer
  • Manage to create a sales list corresponding to each customer

Product Category Management

  • Manage product information: Product name, Product code, Barcode, Unit, Weight, Purchase price, Selling price, Group code, Products printed in the year, Number of boxes printed in the year, View product images, Quantity per unit box, Total quantity, total number of boxes
  • Allow uploading images of the product

Barcode Printing Management

  • Manage Product code, Number of labels to be printed, Status, Code series, Date and time of printing, Quantity of products
  • Display barcodes from code series

Sales Management

  • Support creating sales invoices for customers
  • Integration with a barcode reader to identify product names, automatically display product prices, and show the quantity available in stock.
  • Support entering the quantity to be purchased
  • Calculate the total value of the invoice
  • Assist in entering the date of the sales
  • Help to enter the amount paid and the remaining amount

Inventory Check, Adjustment of Goods, and Problem of Dividing Materials

  • Materials are subdivided and categorized according to each stream, with specific codes for easy control based on status, in and out movements, and timestamps.
  • The system tightly manages barcodes, facilitating easy inventory checks and reconciling goods in the warehouse between documented transactions and actual stock movements, theoretical stock, and actual stock.
  • The system tightly manages barcodes, facilitating easy inventory checks and reconciling goods in the warehouse between documented transactions and actual stock movements, theoretical stock, and actual stock.

Partners, Suppliers, and Goods Distribution Management

  • Manage information related to your partners, and customers associated with goods: name, tax code, contact address, partner’s importance, and notes related to the partner in detail.
  • Detailed management of the quantity of goods imported from various suppliers, categorizing the quantity of goods by each supplier or organizing the quantity supplied by each supplier for each type of goods for effective management.
  • Detailed management of which customers purchase which types of goods or managing which goods are sold to specific customers.

Inventory Inflow Management

  • Manage finished goods: includes name, information, and all relevant details about goods and products.
  • Manage warehouse entry barcodes for each item.
  • Import for production materials.
  • Import goods based on purchase invoice.
  • Import returned goods, transferred goods, and various other categories as per business requirements.
  • Support for exporting inventory entry documents.

Outbound Inventory Management

  • Comprehensive and detailed management of goods and product information related to outbound activities: issuance for production, order-based issuance for customers, return of goods, and other activities as per business requirements.
  • Manage outbound barcodes for each item.
  • Support for exporting outbound inventory documents.




Other Utilities

  • A diverse chart system enables users to quickly generate inventory reports for each item or export data in chart form for inventory analysis.
  • The reminder system displays alerts on the software’s homepage and sends notifications via SMS or email to promptly inform users of inventory movements, expired stock, and more.
  • Can quickly import and export Excel files.
  • Search swiftly needed information based on different categories.
  • Detailed user permission features meet the security needs of business owners.

Faceworks Warehouse Management Software by TiT can be considered the most suitable solution for addressing all aspects of inventory management for businesses. With its flexible customization capabilities, not following any specific templates – unlike other software in the market, we build the software in detail based on the management processes and requirements of each business. This allows businesses to easily access and use the software without having to change their management procedures.


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