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Investment Management Software

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The Faceworks investment management software by TiT is an optimal solution that assists in establishing a management model, executing procedures in construction investment, and monitoring the payment of construction investment capital. Leveraging our existing experience in Construction Management and expertise in  Project Investment Management, we provide the most advanced technology, enabling leaders to check and supervise the progress of basic construction investment procedures. Additionally, it updates accurate and timely information, helping leaders urge the process of implementing projects and constructions. Built on Cloud Computing technology, “Faceworks” operates entirely on the web platform, storing all data centrally on a single system. Managers can access their data with any internet-connected device (laptop, phone, iPad, etc.).


Benefits of Using Faceworks  Investment Management Software:

  • All data is stored on a single system, facilitating synchronized data exchange between financial agencies, investor authorities, investors, and project management boards.
  • Precise authorization functions limit access and operations with data, ensuring centralized and secure work while maintaining critical information security.
  • Use on any internet-connected device (computer, phone, iPad, etc.), allowing users easy access anytime, anywhere, rather than relying on a single host computer. It helps investors detect emerging issues promptly.
  • Feature a friendly, simple, and customizable interface. It can be easily modified to fit various construction investment models. Investors can flexibly adjust to meet their requirements.

Features of the Software:




  • Project Information:
    • Manage project code, project name, investor, investment decision level, construction location, type of work, implementation time, construction objectives, land clearance plan, etc.
    • Manage survey and design of the project; Bidding plan/results; Project cost, estimate; Total investment level.
    • Manage information about relevant entities in which organizations and individuals are involved.
    • Integrate with an alert system, reminders via SMS, and Email to project members.
    • Search and query information based on various criteria: time, status, project completion progress, etc.
  • Project Supervision Management:
    • Monitor the progress of administrative procedure resolution: upcoming deadlines, overdue tasks, whether resolved or not, and issues in which stage.
    • Track the current stage of bidding projects and which agencies or units are handling the dossier in that stage.
    • Manage approved document files: file code, signing date, submission date, document number, type of document, category, issuing organization, issuing location, etc.
    • Diverse chart system, allowing data export for reporting.
  • Contract Management:
    • Manage contract information like contract number, signing date, payment method, contract status, contract execution time, effective/expiry date of the contract, etc.
    • Manage the implementation progress of the contract.
    • Manage the progress of payments and advances of the contract.
  • Monitoring Investment Capital Payment for Construction:
    • Manage capital allocation tasks and annual capital disbursement.
    • Provide comparative data and evaluate the capital disbursement process.
    • Manage funds for each project and construction.


TiT’s investment management software is the most comprehensive solution, addressing all needs in construction investment management. And with its highly flexible customization, not following any predefined template, it stands out compared to any software on the market. We specialize in tailoring the software to the investor’s management processes, allowing users easy access without altering their management procedures. With competitive pricing and 24/7 support, we are confident that we will satisfy our customers with their decision to choose our company’s product.


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