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Language Center Management Software

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Faceworks language center management software is a practical solution for educational centers to manage their activities, including information related to students, classes, teachers, etc. Using this software will facilitate the best management, care, and support for students, helping the center improve the quality of student service, optimize the resources of teachers, staff, and the center’s facilities, and make management more convenient.

Features of Faceworks’s Language Center Management Software:




  • Manage Admissions and Class Arrangement:
    • When students register directly on the website, the data will be filtered and stored in the software.
    • Analyze statistics on students from various sources, marketing campaigns, and those who register directly at the office.
    • Input information about students who register for placement exams in each exam session.
    • Update admission results.
    • Enroll students for each level based on their registration.
    • Classify and place students according to their performance in the entrance exams.


  • Student Management:
    • Manage and store student records, documents, and resumes for quick and easy retrieval and statistical analysis.
    • Track the list of students in each class and students on hold list.
    • Send reminders when students are absent frequently.
    • Manage and monitor academic results, attendance, commendations, disciplinary actions, etc., for students throughout the course.
    • Managers can track changes related to students and classes, such as retention, class transfers, consolidation, and class rearrangements based on each student’s proficiency level.


  • Teacher Management:
    • Manage information, qualifications, credentials, and records of teachers.
    • Recruit new teachers.
    • Monitor the teaching process of each teacher.
    • Manage the teaching hours for each teacher.
    • Recording information and the number of hours each teacher can teach.
    • Manage rewards and disciplinary actions for each teacher throughout the year.


  • Training Management:
    • Planning lessons for upcoming courses.
    • Arrange teachers for upcoming courses.
    • Classify students based on their proficiency and preferences.
    • Monitor the detailed plans for each teaching session following the classroom and schedule system.


  •  Classroom Management:
    • Class division.
    • Classify according to each learning level.
    • Manage class schedules and timetables.
    • Manage notifications for the entire class.
    • Manage the academic results of the class.
    • Class transfers.
    • Remind new students in the class.
    • Store information about retained students and organize class transfers when students return to study.


  • Financial Management:
    • Manage tuition fees for students.
    • Process tuition fees for class transfers, retention, and conversions for other students.
    • Create and print tuition fee receipts for each student.
    • Track daily income and expenses of the center.
    • Manage comprehensively the financial situation for the center’s activities.


  • Academic Results:
    • Manage students’ grades and academic performance.
    • Automatically calculate students’ average grades.
    • Provide reminders for students who have completed their program to progress to higher-level classes.
    • Store information and academic results for each student within the system.


  • Payroll Calculator:
    • Generate the teacher salary spreadsheet based on attendance and teaching schedules.
    • Calculate salaries for employees using various payment methods: per session, per shift, per month, with specific salary rates and applicable periods.
    • Automatically calculate overtime pay based on the comprehensive attendance record.
    • Automatically calculate personal income tax (PIT) and deduct social insurance (BHXH) for employees according to the tax calculation schedule.
    • Prepare the salary payment sheet based on the calculated salary to pay employees.
    • Monitor and confirm adjustments, increases, or reductions as they occur.

Benefits of Using  Faceworks’s Language Center Management Software



  • Using language center management software helps managers monitor the academic progress of students as well as staff management within the center. It enhances centralized management, optimizes resources, and improves analytical capabilities, allowing proactive and effective intervention in the management process. It enables leaders to plan human resources and organize educational activities easily.
  • Managing student profiles, documents, and academic records facilitates quick and easy retrieval and analysis. It also includes overseeing academic results, attendance, commendations, and disciplinary actions throughout the course.
  • Efficiently organizing classes and courses, and also assigning teachers is made possible through the software. Manage tuition fees, outstanding payments, receipts, and discounts for each student, course, and class is streamlined.
  • The software contributes to increased work efficiency, reduces administrative procedures, and handles tasks systematically. It enhances communication among center staff. Generating reports and statistics is simplified, providing leaders with real-time, updated information.
  • The software’s capability to connect with the center’s website automatically updates student information registered on the platform. The system’s transparent and publicly accessible information minimizes time spent on administrative tasks. The software incorporates a robust permission system, ensuring security and accurate dissemination of information to users.
  • The Faceworks language center management software is customizable to meet the unique requirements of different businesses. It is easily adaptable to changes in management processes.

With the features and utilities mentioned above, Faceworks proudly provides customers with the most suitable language center management software. It helps language centers care for, support, and manage their operations effectively.



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