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Law Office Management Software

25/12/2023 | 94 lượt xem

To meet the increasing demand for managing a growing number of clients in law offices, we offer a comprehensive solution, providing overall management support to help you efficiently advise clients.


Faceworks Legal Office Management Software by TiT is customizable according to client requirements, ensuring that the software application does not alter the operational processes of the company.


Functions of Law Office Management Software:




  • Managing the process of cases and projects:
    • Managing the stages of the project.
    • Managing tasks.
    • Task management permissions for each employee and assigned department.
  • Customer and service consulting management:
    • Customer management, customer care.
    • Manage opportunities.
    • Service management. Price lists for each service in detail.
    • Quote management.
    • Manage contracts based on various fees such as fixed fees, monthly fees, etc.
    • Management of customer support after consultation, with the ability to set reminders, such as sending birthday messages to customers, enhancing customer satisfaction with the provided office services.
  • Document and legal database management:
    • Create a legal database and access permissions for this data.
    • Store legal documents.
    • Store ongoing case files for each employee.
    • Store work logs and documents on the software.
    • Allow attaching files to tasks, contracts, customers, etc.
    • Allow creating shared documents in the system.
  • Employee and salary management:
    • Manage employees and their profiles.
    • Employee contract management.
    • Lawyer reminders.
    • Integrate with timekeeping machines and attendance management.
    • Leave management.
    • Salary management according to the company’s policies, combining data from timekeeping, leave, insurance policies, commissions, etc.
    • Employee evaluation management.
  • Accounting module:
    • Payment management.
    • Revenue allocation management.
    • Purchase invoice management.
    • Keep track of customer debts.
    • Manage payment requests according to contracts signed with customers.
    • Manage basic accounting transactions.
    • Extract accounting reports as needed.

Benefits of Law Office Management Software:

  • Centrally manage customer information to make it easy to search and categorize.
  • Manage advice for each lawyer’s service in detail.
  • Easily exchange and support for work processing between employees and departments.
  • Real-time reporting system.
  • Easy customization of the software when workflow changes.

ITiT’s Faceworks Law Office Management Software can be the most suitable and comprehensive software solution to meet the operational management needs of law offices. With Faceworks Law Office Management Software, managers can monitor workflow processes such as task assignments, daily progress checks, scheduling upcoming tasks, or business planning. Information is organized by process: work history, emails, and quotes, making it easier and more convenient to search for information. Using the software improves work efficiency and saves time compared to conventional document usage. The software offers numerous utilities, meeting almost all the strictest customer requirements at a very reasonable price under the motto “Where it’s cheap – We’re cheaper.”



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