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Mineral Exploitation Management Software

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The mineral industry is an energy-intensive sector, making maximizing energy efficiency crucial. To assist businesses in the mineral exploitation industry with comprehensive management and efficient business operations, TIT Corporation has researched and introduced the Faceworks management software for the mineral exploitation sector. This solution aims to help companies manage their procedures effectively, from resource extraction to bringing products to the market, while optimizing energy usage in this resource-intensive industry.


If your business is interested in using mineral exploitation management software, please contact us for further information.


Functions of Mineral Exploitation Management Software 




  • Procedures Management
    • Support recording the essential stages and steps in the mineral extraction process. Tasks to be completed in each phase or products completed after each step are documented on the software.
    • Planning the time and tasks needed to complete a process or an easier task, as relevant process data is fully recorded on the software.
    • Record the personnel needed to complete each task/step/product/process and support task assignment directly on the software based on personnel capabilities, difficulty, and complexity.
    • Support data collection and analysis for each specific stage. Based on the \ previous stage’s results, leaders can adjust the plan for the next stage.
    • The chart system helps evaluate the efficiency of each worker according to the updated goals on the software from the time of assignment, and work progress is updated by the employee on the software hourly/daily/monthly/quarterly/yearly.
  • Operational Management
    • Notify and warn about the maintenance schedule of machinery and equipment regularly and the probability of preventing technical failures.
    • Notify the schedule for checking the capacity and health of workers. Companies in the mining industry are often notorious for workplace accidents. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly keep track of and update the health and expertise of workers to avoid risks in human resources.
    • Standard Notes, Training, Quality Supervision in Construction:
    • Support employees in creating quick, accurate, and visual reports through software that has a systematic system of tables, diagrams, and diverse charts.
  • Energy Management
    • Support recording the types of energy (electricity, gasoline, oil, etc.) needed to carry out the entire process, from mineral extraction to bringing the products to the market.
    • Help record the quantity of each type of energy needed throughout the entire process, in each stage, step, and even in each task.
    • Store documents and invoices related to energy use in mining processes as a basis for mining and processing plans.
    • Support detailed energy use plan based on stored data and regularly updated, synchronized data on the software.

Utilities of Faceworks Mineral Exploitation Management Software



  • Anywhere, Anytime Management. Users can access the data system anytime, anywhere, as long as they have an internet-connected device, enabling managers to detect arising issues and handle them quickly.
  • Unified Data Management. All data and information related to the water production and distribution plant are stored in a single system. It allows managers to manage and retrieve information quickly and easily.
  • Safety and Security. With the role-based access control feature, managers can limit the areas for data access and operation permissions for different users. It helps synchronize management while ensuring the security of important information.
  • Elegance and Flexibility. With the flexible customization feature, not adhering to a specific template, the software is built based on the workflow and needs of each business. It makes it suitable for the characteristics and water usage needs of customers.

The mission of Mineral Exploitation Management Software is to help businesses minimize operational costs, enhance safety, and closely monitor the energy usage process. The software also brings many advantages to the supply chain through features containing planning, optimizing productivity, and detecting risks and abnormal variables. So, Our software can help users in timely decision-making.



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