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Notary Office Management Software

15/01/2024 114

In the present day, as the demand for document notarization increases, organizations and notary offices face challenges in organizing, storing, managing, and retrieving information related to transactions, records, and contracts of their clients.



With existing experience in developing business management software and expertise in notary business management, TiT Technology Services Joint Stock Company provides Faceworks notary office management software to deal with your problem with the most advanced technology. It helps address the challenges that notary offices are currently facing. TiT's Faceworks software focuses on digitizing data, streamlining operational tasks, and automatically storing information about contracts, assets, and transaction history. TiT's notary office management software is a reliable foundation that helps notaries easily look up information and determine the validity of assets, thereby expediting the notarization process and satisfying customers.


Advantages of Notary Office Management Software:

  • Provide a professional and modern notarization process, enabling managers to propose solutions to promote progress and save time for clients.
  • Centralized information management facilitates easy search and classification, minimizing loss and allowing easy identification for suitable notarization processes.
  • Employees in various departments can regularly report progress and work completion levels when required by the notary office head without direct meetings needed.
  • The office head can grasp and manage the notarization process rigorously. Remind notaries to expedite task completion.
  • Facilitates communication and supports task handling among employees and departments.
  • Assist in calculating the volume of completed and pending notarization files, helping notary staff plan and complete tasks accurately.
  • Real-time reporting system.
  • Easily customizable when workflow changes occur.



Key Features of the Software:




  • Document Management:
    • Declare document groups (guarantees, collateral, wills, etc.).
    • Declare document types (Supplementary loan collateral, collateral liquidation, etc.).
    • Manage documents of involved parties (passports, ID cards, driver's licenses, etc.).
    • Manage notarized documents (real estate, assets, etc.).
    • Classify document status (Received, returned, Completed, etc.).
    • Integrate standard templates and contract forms.
  • Party Management:
    • Store, manage, and classify customers' information, whether individuals or organizations, based on regions, tax identification numbers, business registration licenses, etc.
    • Manage and store assets of involved parties.
    • Search and view the transaction history of related parties.
  • Asset Management:
    • Manage and store all information related to vehicles, real estate, personal property, valuable documents, etc.
    • Declare, add, edit, delete assets, asset groups, asset types, asset names, etc.
    • Support diverse searches for information related to assets, transaction history, notarization, stamping, etc.
  • Notarization Fee Management:
    • Integrate a quotation system for files, helping employees accurately calculate fees for each file.
    • Integrate automatic SMS utility for customer notifications.
    • Support direct export of fee charts, invoices, and documents to Excel, Word, PDF, and email.
    • Statistics, report transactions, and manage revenue and expenses.
    • Manage basic accounting transactions.
    • Extract accounting reports as requested.
  • Employee Management:
    • Manage employees and employee profiles.
    • Manage employee contracts.
    • Connect with the timekeeping machine and manage timekeeping.
    • Manage leave.
    • Manage salaries according to the company's policy, combined with timekeeping data, leave, etc.
    • Evaluate employees.
  • System Management, Search, Permissions, Security:
    • Security:
      • Automatically backup and restore data daily.
      • Data is regularly automatically backed up for redundancy.
      • Have stringent security policies for the data of businesses and customers using the company's products.
      • Only Admin has the right to intervene in system data and user permissions.
    • User permission:
      • Function usage permissions are allocated by user groups or individual users.
      • Assign permissions for viewing, editing, deleting, and more to each software user.
    • Utilities:
      • Export quotations, invoices, and report templates directly to Excel, Word, PDF, and email.
      • Import lists of goods and customers from Excel into the software.
      • Save software usage logs for all members when logging in and using the software.
      • Filter data. Automatically and quickly generate reports based on various criteria.
      • Integrate VOIP system to facilitate effective communication between departments and customers.
      • Have high customizability, built on the processes and requirements of customers.

Summary of Faceworks Notary Office Management Software:

We can ensure that TiT's Faceworks management software is the most suitable and comprehensive solution to meet the needs of notary office management. The software offers numerous utilities, almost entirely meeting the strictest customer's requirements with a very reasonable price philosophy of "Where it's cheap - We are cheaper." Additionally, the software is user-friendly, easy to use, and accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device, meeting the management needs and solving tasks quickly for business owners.





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