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Payroll Management Software

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An organization cannot run without its workforce. Therefore, the process of timekeeping and salary calculation is extremely important. This work also aids in the management and planning of the company’s present and future development for necessary modifications. TiT’s salary management software will assist managers in establishing a professional system for managing and calculating salaries, bringing significant benefits and efficiency to the development of a business.

Payroll Software Functions Overview

Human Resource Record Management

  • Manage employee lists, including personal information, contact information, qualifications, professional degrees, awards, disciplinary records, insurance enrollment history, and so on.
  • Upload software data such as various records, contracts, employee photos…
  • Department and position management: Manage which employees belong to which departments and which positions.

Payroll Management

  • Monthly payroll list
  • Allow adding information about income and deductions.
  • Support overtime pay calculations based on the comprehensive timekeeping sheet.
  • Assist in calculating fines for late arrivals, early departures, and other violations of company policies.
  • Calculate personal income tax (PIT) for employees automatically using the tax calculation table.
  • Support the creation of payroll payment statements for employee disbursement based on the calculated payroll.
  • Keep track of each employee’s advances, payments, and remaining balances.
  • Monitor and confirm adjustments for increases or decreases as they occur.
  • Assist in sending payroll slips to each employee.

Timekeeping Management


  • Automatically process timekeeping sheets, flexible with work shifts, days off, holidays, overtime, compensatory leave, etc.
  • Directly connect with time clocks; data will be transferred from time clocks to the software, helping HR staff save time and effort in timekeeping for each employee.
  • Create detailed timekeeping sheets for each department and division. Record attendance details for each employee by day and work shift.
  • Consolidate the number of days employees worked, took leave, were on sick leave, and the number of hours worked overtime to create a comprehensive timekeeping sheet.
  • Allow the creation of a consolidated timekeeping sheet from multiple detailed timekeeping sheets.
  • Automatically validate the accuracy of timekeeping data and various other features.


Policy and Insurance Management

  • Establish insurance contribution standards based on regions, and individuals, allowing flexible adjustments according to government regulations.
  • Manage the declaration of insurance profiles.
  • Manage information about employees’ social insurance books: social insurance book number, start date of participation, insurance contribution amount, contribution rate, etc.
  • Manage information about employees’ health insurance cards: health insurance card number, expiration date, registered healthcare facility, etc.
  • Monitor employees’ insurance participation process within the unit.
  • Track monthly changes in insurance coverage.
  • Support the generation of government-standard reports for working with insurance regulatory authorities.

Benefits of payroll management software

  • The payroll calculation process is automated by the TiT payroll management software, which saves a lot of time when it comes to calculating employees’ monthly salaries, benefits, taxes, and insurance. The payroll calculation module can be customized to fit a range of models with different features, such as office-based, production-based, revenue-based, and product-based calculations.
  • The payroll calculation module is closely linked with the Employee and Timekeeping modules, ensuring accurate synthesis of key parameters. Additionally, automated salary notifications via email and SMS contribute to enhancing the professional image of the business.
  • In payroll management, the software can integrate with time clocks, update daily attendance data, and store information in the software system. It consolidates the number of days employees worked, took leave, or were on sick leave to create a comprehensive timekeeping sheet.

The TiT payroll calculation software facilitates businesses in swiftly, accurately, and fairly processing payroll, contributing to building trust among employees. It can be said that TiT’s management software is the most suitable and comprehensive software solution to meet the operational management needs of your payroll. The software offers numerous features, nearly fulfilling all the strict requirements of customers at a very reasonable price, following the principle of “Where it’s cheap, we are even cheaper”.

Moreover, the software is user-friendly, easy to use, and highly customizable. Utilizing the software helps save time, as operations are carried out according to a specific workflow, minimizing errors and confusion. It allows access from anywhere, on any device, meeting management needs and resolving tasks quickly and efficiently.


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