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Real Estate Management Software

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The real estate industry is unique, with significant values that demand stringent management. The customer base in the real estate sector is diverse, with various requirements that need careful management to ensure business opportunities are met. Managing business opportunities is crucial, as a single customer may have multiple suitable products and a product may be introduced to numerous customers.


To meet these essential needs, the Faceworks real estate management software from TiT provides a comprehensive and effective solution for business owners to synchronize and unify their entire operations. With a wide range of unique and utility features, this software is easily accessible to users and comes at an affordable cost. It helps business owners reduce management costs and streamline workflow processes.


Overall Features Real Estate Management Software:




  • Customer Management and Care:
    • Manage comprehensively customer information like customer groups, personal details, birthdates, company information, etc.
    • Transaction history management for customers: tracking transaction frequency, transaction value, products involved, detailed purchase history, and payment processes—all stored and available for detailed analysis.
    • Manage customer needs, including specific property preferences such as location, orientation, area, frontage, and price range in detail.
    • Manage customers based on the importance of enhancing personalized care.
    • Automatically send birthday wishes and customer care messages.
  • Management of Property Sources and Business Listings:
    • Categorization and detailed management of property listings based on modules.Facilitating quick and accurate information retrieval.
    • Regular or scheduled inventory checks for property listings, identifying and alerting on overstocked or slow-moving items to adjust business strategies accordingly.
    • Use Intelligent grid-based property listings for quick search and easily analyze property comprehensive sources.
  • Document Management:
    • Manage documents, contract forms, appendices, and related paperwork associated with products and customers.



  • Employee Management:




  • Employee Information Management including:
    • Personal information.
    • Contact information.
    • Employee evaluations.
    • Employee contracts.
  • Daily check employee attendance and create a detailed attendance sheet.
  • Automatically calculate salary and generate monthly payroll for each employee based on attendance.
  • Manage employee files.
  • Financial Management:
    • Account financials in each branch and all real estate branches.
    • Create invoices for each real estate product and transaction.
    • Manage daily income and expenses.
    • Statistical reports on income and expenses: daily/monthly/yearly. Print statistical reports.
  • Promotion and Marketing Program Management:
    • Manage and strategize marketing and promotion programs for real estate products.
    • Create promotional programs to reward loyal customers.
    • Store information on potential customers.

With TiT’s real estate company management software, you can comprehensively manage your business. You can easily customize our software. It is also suitable for various business models, helping you save time and ensure a streamlined distribution process. Its high customization nature makes it adaptable for small and large real estate companies.




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