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Recruitment Management Software

24/11/2023 130

For businesses, the recruitment process and the selection of input factors need continuous improvement and enhancement in quality, as the human factor is one of the decisive elements for a business's success or failure.

However, with the expanding scale of businesses, the recruitment process is becoming increasingly complex, facing challenges such as:

  • Make continuous recruitment sessions for various positions with different requirements and standards that deal with pressure.
  • Handling a large number of resumes, making it difficult to screen, review, and manage them.
  • Guarantee compliance with the recruitment process and regulations, from making exams, announcing results, conducting interviews, and forming lists of candidates, to sending notifications to applicants.

The recruitment management software developed by Tit Corporation aims to address these challenges in the recruitment process for businesses. It is a modern and optimized technological solution to facilitate fast and effective recruitment activities.

Functions of the Software in Recruitment Management

  • Recruitment Needs.
  • Recruitment Approval.
  • Recruitment Planning.
  • Job Posting.
  • Resume Reception and Screening.
  • Exam and Interview Planning.
  • Resume Classification.
  • Exam and Interview Evaluation.
  • Trial Employment Notification.
  • Trial Employment Notification.
  • Trial Employment Report.
  • Official Employment Contract Decision.
  • Document Storage and Conclusion.




Operating Procedure of the Software

  1. When the business has recruitment needs, the HR department plans the recruitment and transfers it to the marketing department for job posting.
  2. Upon receiving online registration documents from candidates, the software will automatically retrieve data from the recruitment website. The software stores the registered profile information and forwards it to the HR department.
  3. After receiving and filtering unsatisfactory applications, the HR department transfers the candidate's application to the person in charge of the interview.
  4. After the interview, the system will update candidates who passed the exam. Their profile information is transferred to the employee list on the software, along with contracts corresponding to each candidate.





The recruitment management software from TiT is an effective solution for the hiring process of businesses. The flexible software system meets all the requirements of managers. The software is easily customizable to fit the needs of the business without altering the existing processes. It assists managers in overseeing the entire recruitment process, from receiving requests to completion and obtaining hiring results.

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