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Stone Quarrying Industry Management Software

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Stone exploitation consumes a significant budget as most quarries in Vietnam are located in mountainous or remote areas, making it necessary to establish infrastructure to access and connect quarries to input and output markets. One of the solutions provided by TIT Technology Corporation is to minimize extraction costs, allowing businesses to maximize profits.

Functions of Stone Quarrying Industry Management Software




  • Production Management
    • Receive orders from the sales department. The software can integrate production modules with business modules. Order placements serve as the basis for creating production orders (internal orders).
    • Constructing extraction plans based on the number of orders, the number of goods in the order, inventory levels, etc. Using stone quarrying industry management software will synchronize all data.
    • Automatically generate plans and reports based on the stored database in the software.
    • Create extraction orders, issue extraction orders, and monitor details of each stage and phase of the extraction process.
    • Monitor the progress of stone extraction based on the order system and statistical department inputting data compared to the production plan.
  • Production Resource Management
    • Regularly update the number of employees in the factory.
    • Update the labor productivity of each worker: hours worked, quantity of products produced within a given time unit.
    • Summarize the salaries of each worker over months/years/quarters, presenting a table containing salary and labor productivity. Allow managers to formulate suitable reward, punishment, and encouragement policies.
    • Store labor contracts, job transfers, social insurance, etc., for each worker.
  • Inventory, Machinery, and Equipment Management
    • Manage the quantity and operational status of each type of machinery, equipment, and supplies over a specific time.
    • Notify scheduled checks on machinery and equipment to plan timely repairs and replacements suitable for the production needs of the factory.
    • Notify scheduled checks on machinery and equipment to plan timely repairs and replacements suitable for the production needs of the factory.
  • Financial Management
    • Determine the company’s financial status and understand specific revenue and expenditure sources.
    • Update daily/hourly revenue and expenditure reports, facilitating a more effective balancing of income and expenses during operations.
    • Summing up accounts receivable and payable accurately.
    • Allocating budgets based on the software database.
  • Product Consumption Process Management
    • helps managers regularly update customer lists and individual information. Analyze previous transactions.
    • Automatically sending emails and SMS for introductions, appointment scheduling, and reminders.
    • Tracking the quantity and prices of each product category. It serves as the basis for analyzing consumption trends and customer needs.
    • Managing revenue for each type of stone by day, week, month, year, etc. Updating order statuses and purchases through graphs helps managers closely and scientifically monitor their products.
  • Software Features
    • Prevent loss and fraud in sales. Employ a robust security permission system detailing access for each user and function. We will continuously record daily work activities under the control of the Admin.
    • Have unlimited business scale and types.
    • Flexibly customize, adding functions based on specific business needs and working styles.
    • Users can work on the software anytime, anywhere.
    • All data and operational transactions are stored and synchronized within the software. This facilitates easy retrieval and search when needed.

Nowadays, the stone quarrying industry in Vietnam is encountering challenges such as limited skilled labor, finite stone resources, and outdated extraction techniques. To increase productivity, prevent waste, and cut costs, businesses in the stone extraction sector should update to new technologies and implement new software solutions, including quarry management software.


If your business needs quarry management software, please contact us for the most detailed advice or register for a trial here.


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