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Supply Chain Management

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Supply Chain Management is a process that starts when a business searches for and buys raw materials to produce goods and finally brings its product to customers. In summary, supply chain management is a compilation of tools for managing procedures containing planning for buying raw materials, supplier selection, planning for production amount, managing shipping process including storage management and shipping schedule, managing returned goods, and supporting customers in receiving goods.


When we refer to supply chain management software, we mention a range of tools designed to control business processes, execute transactions for the supply of raw materials/products along the chain, and manage relationships with suppliers. The functions of Faceworks software by TIT Corporation and Services are diverse and can be customized according to the specific needs of each business. However, basic features include order fulfillment, shipping/TMS (Transportation Management System), inventory checking, warehouse management (WMS), and supplier sourcing.


Functions of Supply Chain Management

  • Plan a supply chain.
  • Plan requirements.
  • Manage relationships with suppliers.
  • Search and buy materials and goods.
  • Create a buying strategy.
  • Manage order creation and payments. 


Benefits of Supply Chain Management

  • Increased Efficiency
    • First and most important, supply chain management software is designed to enhance operational efficiency for businesses, from inventory import and storage to distribution and transportation management. Thanks to the fully automated supply chain process, the time for logistics operations is significantly reduced, and the integration between different links in the supply chain is more seamless. It helps businesses deliver goods to customers faster and more accurately, accelerating cash flow.
  • Cost Reduction
    • Accurate market demand forecasting and increased efficiency allow businesses to cut labor costs, minimize inventory costs, and avoid waste. Additionally, Faceworks’ intelligent features help businesses identify unreasonable costs for elimination. Specifically, the Faceworks software assists managers in knowing who offers the cheapest raw materials, coordinating transportation to reduce transportation costs, or arranging warehouse space for convenient loading/unloading and maximizing storage capacity.
  • Analysis of Trends and Business Data
    • With business Intelligence features, you can control costs and optimize inventory turnover. You can also increase revenue by identifying high-performance products. It supports business decision-making by analyzing information from the market and within the company.
  • Comprehensive Vision, Efficient Control
    • Efficient management of the entire supply chain, including suppliers, production workshops, storage warehouses, distribution channels, and consumers.

Supply chain management software, if successfully deployed, becomes an invaluable tool for companies to optimize production efficiency and plan for the future. Don’t hesitate any longer—contact us now for a powerful tool for your business.

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