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Task Management Software

27/11/2023 | 86 lượt xem
  • When work tasks arise, people often talk to each other. However, when the workload becomes overwhelming, individuals may need to prioritize tasks, leading to a lack of sharing and coordination. This can result in tasks being forgotten or not managed effectively, ultimately impacting productivity and work efficiency.
  • So, how can you manage all your tasks effectively? Faceworks task management software helps users manage tasks in a detailed and systematic way, with a comprehensive reminder system through the platform’s homepage, SMS, or email. With our software, users can access and handle tasks anytime, anywhere, in a specific order, making it incredibly convenient and fast.
  1. For Manager:
    1. Unified Employee and Department Management helps reduce working time and unnecessary intermediate steps.
    2. All employees and managers work and update information on the system, enabling managers to monitor employees and the overall business situation to make quick and timely decisions directly on the software.
    3. Store documents, contracts, papers, and official letters systematically for easy search when needed.
    4. Scheduling for employees and departments is updated on the software, so employees already know without additional notifications.
    5. Manage job tasks, tasks arising at each moment, and the progress of tasks fattest, most detailed, and fullest.
    6. The software is platform-independent, accessible from any device with an internet connection, allowing business owners to manage anytime, anywhere.
    7. Quickly update feedback or issues in the work, allowing for timely adjustments and resolutions.
    8. Manage the manager’s tasks, schedule appointments, and detailed work schedules, through the warning and reminder system. The work schedule is detailed to avoid missing critical matters and to improve work efficiency.
  2. For Employee:
    1. Assist employees with missing tasks through a warning and reminder system on the scheduled date and upcoming deadline.
    2. Updating the work schedule for the entire company, personal work schedule, and departmental schedules.
    3. Inform updates on the latest announcements and directives.
    4. Managing customers and related customer information systematically, categorizing customers for processing.
    5. Sequencing, detailing, and systematizing daily schedules for more efficient work and reduced working time.
    6. Quickly reporting work to leaders and receiving instructions promptly through the software.

Notable Function of the Software:



Personal Task Management:

  • Alert system, reminders on the homepage when the task deadline approaches.
  • Sent email reminders as the task completion deadline approached.
  • Notify late tasks based on levels. 
  • Scheduling tasks. 
  • Prioritize tasks.
  • Alerts users when they are close to a working schedule through SMS, email, or system homepage by a reminder system.
  • Manage the progress of task execution. 
  • Note relevant content. 
  • Record task results.

Business task management:

  • Manage employees and departments.
  • Information of department and employees. 
  • Functions of each department. 
  • Include Data on the department and its staff.
  • Managing evaluations and the status of tasks related to the department, and employees. 
  • Manage template tasks and detailed lists of template tasks. 
  • Assign tasks to departments. 
  • Update the progress of tasks at any time, anywhere, and guide employees right on the software. 
  • Record the entire work history and related information for easy retrieval when needed. 
  • Manage documents systematically for easy retrieval when needed. 
  • Assign tasks to subordinates directly in the software.

Details of the features of Faceworks task management software:

  • Alerts and reminders for tasks throughout the day.
  • Task assignment and proposal features, Task approval within the software, and Uploading task-related files and images.
  • Collaboration on tasks among team members and departments through the Box Chat feature.
  • Reporting on the completion progress of individual tasks and tracking the overall progress of projects.
  • Integration of employee timekeeping and online timekeeping features.
  • Reporting system.


Utility of the Software:

  • Variety chart systems allow users to quickly create various reports, contracts, work documents, etc.
  • Quickly import data from files or export data to Excel files.
  • With the search function, users can quickly find the information they need in the database based on various criteria.
  • User permission features to meet the security needs of business owners while working collaboratively on the same system.

Overview of Faceworks Work Management Software:

Faceworks work management software can be considered the most suitable solution to efficiently handle the workload with its advanced and useful features, all at a reasonable price that fits users’ budgets. The software is web-supported, facilitating remote access from any device. Moreover, it boasts high customization capabilities, built around specific processes and requirements of customers, making it suitable for various types of businesses. The software is easily adaptable to changes in both scale and business structure.

User-friendly and easy to navigate, even for those who are unfamiliar with computers, the software ensures a seamless experience. For any inquiries, customers can contact our hotline, available 24/7, to receive prompt assistance.

Contact us now for consultations on the Faceworks work management software solution or sign up for a trial here.


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