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Ticket Office Management Software

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With society advancing, both material and spiritual life have improved significantly, leading to a substantial increase in the demand for travel, work exchanges, and tourism.  Responding to this demand, many airlines have emerged, accompanied by multiple ticketing offices to meet customers’ travel needs. The Faceworks ticket office management software from TiT comprehensively supports business operations through a process that includes ticket booking, flight information management, airline information management, customer information management, ticket pricing, cash tracking, customer receivables, supplier payables, and sales figures for each employee.


Features of Ticket Office Management Software 

  • General Information Management
    • Customer Information Management.
    • Airline Information Management.
    • Flight Information Management.
    • Employee Information Management.
  • Flight Information Management
    • Airline Management.
    • Flight Management.
    • Manage dates, times, departure points, and destinations.
  • Customer Management
    • Customer List Management.
    • Customer Information Management.
    • Search for customer information based on various criteria.
    • Management of customer ticket information.
  • Human Resources Management
    • Employee Information Management.
    • Search for employees based on criteria such as name, shift, and working date.
    • Monitor the number of booked tickets, revenue, and profits by each employee, by airline, to calculate salary and bonuses.
    • Manage employees for each agency and the entire company.
  • Expense Management and Accounts Receivable
    • Manage receipts and payments for transactions related to ticket revenue, debt collection, and other expenses.
    • Management of customer accounts receivable, with detailed information on outstanding balances.
    • Manage supplier accounts receivable: detailed transaction information with suppliers for easy control and timely detection of discrepancies.
    • Manage revenue for the entire company in detail.
    • Detailed management of cash transactions.
    • Bank accounts detailed transaction information for each bank account.

The benefits of Ticket Office Management Software

  • Centrally manage customer information, making it easy to search and classify.
  • Manage customers, flight routes, employees, marketing, and more.
  • Facilitate communication and support task processing among employees and departments.
  • Real-Time Reporting System.
  • Easy Customization.
  • Ticket office management software assists managers in easily understanding the company’s operational processes. The software incorporates features that support management, data permission settings, and reporting by specific categories, enabling control over the number of booked tickets, revenue, and company profits. Faceworks Ticket Office Management Software by TiT is highly customizable, easily meeting the specific requirements of individual businesses. With its high level of customizability, the software facilitates seamless upgrades and expansions of features as businesses scale or modify their operational processes.
  • Faceworks Ticket Office Management Software is the most suitable and comprehensive software solution to meet all ticket office management needs. The software stands out with its user-friendly interface, simplicity, and ease of use, even for individuals with limited computer and accounting knowledge. The software’s customer care features are maximized through on-site support, with TiT dispatching employees to the company to establish and guide the configuration of modules according to specific requirements.

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