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Timekeeping Management Software

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For any business, tracking attendance and calculating salaries is a crucial procedure that essentially structures the income and viability of the enterprise. With different companies having different workforce sizes, we also have to handle attendance tracking differently. So, to cater to the diverse needs of businesses, TiT’s human resource management software is designed to meet the requirements of enterprises ranging from small to large scales.

Function of Timekeeping Software:

  • Connects with timekeeping devices (fingerprint, RFID cards, etc.) to receive daily attendance data, reducing the time and effort spent on individuals.
  • Supports online attendance tracking on the software: recording check-in and check-out times based on time and location.
  • Configure work schedules, shifts, and days off.
  • Create detailed timekeeping sheets for each department or section.
  • Records detailed attendance for each employee, including dates and shifts worked.
  • Flexible in adjusting attendance with valid reasons such as business trips or client meetings, and maintains an audit trail for data changes.
  • Consolidates the number of days employees worked, took leave, were on sick leave, or worked overtime to generate comprehensive attendance reports.
  • Allows the creation of summary attendance sheets from multiple detailed timekeeping sheets.
  • Allows input of detailed and summary timekeeping sheets from Excel into the software.
  • Summarize instances and total time of employees arriving late or leaving early to apply discipline according to company policies.
  • Work well for businesses with multiple shifts.



Payroll Management:

  • Monthly payroll lists for each month.
  • Allows the addition of information regarding income and deductions.
  • Support the inclusion of overtime information based on the comprehensive timekeeping sheet.
  • Assists in calculating penalties for late arrivals, early leaves, etc., based on company regulations.
  • Automatically calculates personal income tax based on the tax schedule.
  • Tracks advances, payables, and outstanding amounts for each employee.
  • Generates statistical tables for bonuses and allowances to facilitate salary calculations.
  • Supervise and confirm adjustments for increases or decreases as they occur.
  • Supports the sending of payroll slips to each employee


Benefits of Timekeeping Software:


  • Timekeeping software simplifies the management of employee attendance, working hours, and time tracking. The software can handle various timekeeping methods, including using time clocks, manual entry, and importing data from Excel files.
  • TiT’s timekeeping software allows businesses flexibility in scheduling and shift management with notable features such as automated shift rotation, split shifts, etc. In particular, the timekeeping module directly links with the payroll system for detailed salary calculations.
  • The software can connect with various types of time clocks. When using timekeeping software, salary can be calculated automatically for each employee. The timekeeping module enables data communication with other modules like HR, payroll, and insurance.
  • TiT’s timekeeping and management software aids managers in organizing and monitoring their employees, easily tracking work hours and attendance. It easily integrates with time clocks, synchronizes data, and generates comprehensive timekeeping reports.
  • The software system can generate various types of reports suitable for the business’s needs.
  • The timekeeping module directly links with the payroll system, enabling managers to oversee salaries, bonuses, and social insurance, and generate detailed payroll sheets for each employee.

The Faceworks timekeeping software from TiT can be considered the most suitable solution for addressing all the attendance management needs of businesses. The effectiveness of the software is tremendous, as all employee tasks and related processes can be easily managed using a single software. With a flexible customization capability that doesn’t adhere to any predefined templates — a feature unlike any other software in the market — we will build detailed software based on the management processes and requirements of the business that allows businesses to easily access and use the software without having to change their management procedures.




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