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Tourism Management Software

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Faceworks tourism management software comprehensively addresses the concerns of businesses, from receiving requests/bookings to operational tour management and business administration. 

The tourism management software provides leadership with an electronic reporting system that continuously updates all business activities.

The tourism management software tightly integrates the specific business processes of the tourism industry with the flexible nature of the Vietnamese tourism sector. Therefore, applying this software in business management helps departments and staff easily collaborate and share essential information in time to complete tasks.


Benefits of the Software:




  • Focus on Customers with Improved Services. 360-degree customer information allows viewing the entire transaction history with customers, from the initial request/booking to subsequent marketing activities.
  • Integrated Information Seamlessly with Processes. Information automatically flows between departments accurately according to the process.
  • Quickly Enhance Capital Turnover. Flexible service quotation management mechanisms help your business maintain precise and timely control over costs and prices.
  • Powerful Tools for Timely Decision-Making. The electronic reporting system updates the business activities of each branch every second, helping you minimize risks effectively.

Functions of the Software:



  • Customer Management and Care:
    • Import customer lists from Excel files.
    • Generate customer reports based on responsible staff, geographical location, service usage frequency, contract value, etc.
    • Manage and look up information about tour bookers (individuals/organizations) and tour participants (tourists).
    • Support sales staff in scheduling customer care activities.
  • Partner and Supplier Management:
    • Classify and look up service providers: hotels, restaurants, land tours, transportation, cruises, etc.
    • Define service price lists that include seasonal prices, contract-based prices, and customer-specific prices.
    • Enter information about service providers: contact persons, photo library, service cancellation policies, and location maps.
    • Generate reports and prints: contract expiration alerts and service price charts.
  • Request/Booking Management:
    • Service booking: book tours, hotel services, cruises, transportation, mixed services.
    • Create new requests/bookings from pre-built templates (create from template).
    • Process bookings: track changes, create to-do lists, and enter the list of tourists.
    • Exchange history: Date and time of exchange, method (email/phone), and the content of the exchange.
    • Statistical reports that include forecasted and actual booking revenue by month, by a responsible person, by your type, etc.
  • Tour and Service Sales Management:
    • Manage your sales: departure schedule, related suppliers, tour itinerary, available seats, and list of tourists.
    • Manage tour operation activities: schedule operations, expiration alerts, assign and supervise operation tasks, and customer evaluations/feedback.
    • Payment planning: monitor income and expenses related to tours/suppliers and customers.
    • Design and price tour products: brainstorm product ideas, create pricing plans, evaluate, and discuss.
  • Advanced Features:
    • Multi-branch management: Hierarchical data division for each branch.
    • Multi-dimensional analysis reports.
    • Real-time online ordering.
    • Marketing campaign management.
    • Create comprehensive reports by branch or entire company.

The Faceworks Travel Management Software by Tit promises not to disappoint travel managers. The software is considered a comprehensive solution for travel and tourism service management. The business will operate smoothly, and information between departments or employees will be exchanged and circulated quickly and timely on the software system, minimizing risks, saving costs, and managing all business activities anytime, anywhere.








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