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Textile Industry Management Software

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The textile industry is one of the critical parts of our country at the present stage. However, due to the characteristics of the textile industry, managers often encounter many challenges such as the inability to manage the quantity and efficiency of the workforce, quantity of goods, raw materials, machinery, product quality, customers, etc. Therefore, we have developed the textile industry management software as an optimal solution for efficiently managing the textile industry.


Functions of Textile Industry Management Software:





  • Sales Management:


      • Facilitate the reception and storage of orders.
      • Manage the customer system efficiently.
      • Keep track of the quantity and prices of each type of product sold.
      • Confirm the order placement process, delivery, and customer feedback.


  • Production Process Management:


      • Streamline and monitor the entire production process.
      • Plan and schedule production tasks for optimal efficiency.
      • Track the work progress and identify areas for improvement.


  • Human Resources Management:


      • Receive production requests from the sales department.
      • Create production orders based on production requirements.
      • Identify stages in the production process.
      • Set consumption standards.
      • Calculate material consumption for each order.
      • Conduct product inventory and production statistics for each stage.
      • Allocate personnel to each stage and specific department.
      • Evaluate the progress of work during production.
      • Control the work schedule through periodic reports from each department.


  • Human Resources Management:


      • Manage work hours, break times, and work productivity for each employee.
      • Manage labor contracts, capability profiles, and achievements of each employee.
      • Manage the salary system and employee benefits.
      • Manage each group and department of employees.


  • Inventory Management:


      • Record finished product invoices in the inventory.
      • Record sales revenue in the inventory.
      • Records information on the transportation of goods in the inventory.
      • Generate inventory reports and other reports such as revenue from inventory, revenue by product, and revenue by region.
      • Establish a system and quantity for inventory items.
      • Classify inventory items for timely handling.
      • Report on the status of inventory items.
    • Raw Materials and Supplies Management:
      • Report on the quantity and quality of raw materials and supplies.
      • Determine the prices of raw materials and supplies.
      • Stores purchase invoices for raw materials and supplies.


  • Financial Situation Management:


    • Determines the cash system, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.
    • Store various types of contracts and invoices.
    • Report on the financial situation for a specific period.
    • Store and establish a development strategy for the business.

Benefits of Textile Industry Management Software:





Utilities of Faceworks Textile Industry Management Software:




  • Manage Anytime, Anywhere
    • Utilizing textile and apparel industry management software allows users to access data anytime, anywhere, as long as they have an internet-connected device. It enables quick identification and resolution of emerging issues for managers.
  • Unified Data Management
    • All data and information from the garment workshop are stored in a single system, facilitating quick and easy management and retrieval of information for managers.
  • Safety and Security
    • With role-based permissions, managers can limit access areas and data manipulation rights for different users. Our software ensures synchronized management while safeguarding crucial information.
  • Sophisticated and Flexible
    • With its inherent flexibility and customizable nature, the software doesn’t bind by a specific template. We build it according to the workflow and needs of each business, factory, or garment workshop. This adaptability makes it suitable for various requirements.

For the production processes in the textile and apparel industry to be systematic and efficient, textile industry management software can be the optimal solution. Let technology assist you in simplifying and easing complex and challenging tasks. If you have further questions about textile and apparel industry management software,  please contact us for consultation.







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