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Trading Company Management Software

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The Faceworks software by TiT for trading company management is the most comprehensive and effective solution for business owners to synchronize and unify their enterprises with a wide range of diverse, unique, and useful features. Particularly with TiT's software, users can easily access and utilize it at a very affordable cost. Therefore, the software helps business owners reduce management costs and error resolution expenses, streamlining the workflow.

Benefits of Using Trading Company Management Software.

  • When using the software, all employees and departments in the company work on a single system, updating their tasks on the software. Therefore, managers can monitor employees' work situations, and project progress, enabling timely decision-making and direction to minimize risks. Managers can also assign and exchange tasks with employees directly on the software, reducing unnecessary steps and increasing work efficiency.
  • The software can be used on all internet-connected devices (computers, phones, iPads), allowing managers and employees to work anytime, anywhere.
  • For the sales department: It can update the inventory status quickly, as well as sales policies for products. It helps manage customer care based on detailed importance, enhancing service quality and sales.
  • For the purchasing and sales departments: It can update the inventory status, allowing control of the inventory turnover to devise a reasonable import and export strategy suitable for the company's business at each time.
  • For the accounting department: It easily updates the status of product purchases, payment situations, income and expenses, and company debts. This facilitates the synchronized analysis of actual resources, providing a basis for financial planning for the company.
  • Warehouse management department: Easily updates the inventory situation, the status of each type of product, and the quantity of each product in the warehouse based on centralized input and output data in the software. This serves as a basis for comparing actual and theoretical data, avoiding losses, and improving management quality.
  • Flexible alert and reminder systems through the software homepage, SMS, and email help users not to miss important events.

Features of the software


Overall management of departments in the enterprise

  • Information about all departments, the functions of each department, and the number of members in each department.
  • Assign tasks and guidance for each department.
  • Monitor the work and performance of each department.

Customer Information Management

  • Comprehensive customer information management grouping customers, personal information, birthdays, company details, etc.
  • Management of transaction history with customers: the number of transactions, transaction values, products involved in transactions, details of each purchase, and the customer's payment history—all stored in the system and available for detailed analysis.
  • Customer management is based on the importance of each customer for better care.
  • Automatically send birthday wishes and customer care messages.

Supplier Information Management

  • Management of supplier information: general information about agents, their importance, etc.
  • Management of goods received from suppliers: the number of times goods are received, the value of each receipt, the total value of goods received from each supplier, detailed information for each receipt, and the accounts payable to each supplier.
  • Management of new supply sources, with related information about potential supply sources

Inventory Management

  • Alert for approaching expiration dates, expired items, items due for shipment, and warnings when the quantity of goods reaches the minimum threshold.
  • Management of procurement plans, inventory storage, inventory management, and goods waiting for shipment.
  • Detailed management of product types: goods for return, goods for customers, and goods for internal use
  • Management of the cost of goods and related expenses for transfer to the accounting department.

Sales Management

  • Comprehensive management from order placement to post-payment.
  • Quickly search for items and determine quantities through a diverse search tool, facilitating the development of effective sales strategies.
  • Manage sold items, sales entities, quantities, payments made, and outstanding payments in detail.
  • Allows limiting the number of credit notes, reminders for due payment dates, and extending credit terms for customers. 

Debt Management: Receivables and Payables of the Business

  • Detailed and automated management of receivables for each customer, by product type, amount paid, outstanding amount, total receivables, and difficult-to-collect debts.
  • Alert for detailed due dates, which customers owe, and the total amount outstanding.
  • Manage payables to suppliers, categorized by each supplier and the total amount owed.
  • Alerts for payment due dates are sent to suppliers via the software homepage or through SMS and email.
  • Automatically adjust receivables when product returns occur.

Employee Details Management

  • Management of information for employees within the business: personal details, contact information, employee evaluations, employee contracts, etc.
  • Daily timekeeping for employees, detailed attendance records
  • Automatic salary calculation and generation of salary statements for each employee based on monthly attendance records.

Other remarkable features

  • Easy and quick support for importing and exporting data.
  • Diverse chart systems enable users to swiftly generate reports, draft contract texts, and analyze detailed business situations through charts for a more comprehensive overview.
  • A detailed permission system for each task and user allows business owners to manage centrally while ensuring important information.
  • The software has high customizability, a feature that is rare in many software programs on the market. Users can even customize and modify modules in the software according to their preferences.

In general, TiT's software is a suitable and comprehensive solution that meets the needs of commercial company management. It offers numerous useful features at a highly competitive price, making it compatible with the company's budget. Additionally, the software's high customizability allows for an unlimited number of feature developments, catering to almost every customer requirement. The software boasts a simple interface, making it user-friendly. Furthermore, our technical support team is always available to assist users 24/7.

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