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Training Center Management Software

04/12/2023 | 128 lượt xem

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Attendance tracking with training management software.

Student management software for training centers.

Classroom management software.

Student tuition fee management with software.

Many training centers aim to enhance the quality of student services and optimize resources related to instructors, facilities, and staff, making organizational management more convenient. To meet these needs, we have developed and built the Faceworks Training Center Management Software to improve professionalism in managing and marketing processes of training centers, overseeing the entire process of student care and support. Faceworks Training Center Management Software is applied to manage the activities of training centers, enhancing the professionalism of organizations at a reasonable cost.





Filter and save data to the software when students register online.

Statistics of students from various sources, marketing campaigns, and students who register directly at the office. 

Enter information about students who register for placement exams in each exam session. 

Update admission results.

Register enrollment for each student by qualification.

Classify and place students according to their placement exam qualifications.


Student Management



  • Manage and store profiles, documents, and student’s resumes for quick and easy lookup and statistics.
  •  Manage personal information such as name, date of birth, and gender; contact information such as phone number (main, secondary, etc), email (main/secondary), and address; manage student source information (event, website, Facebook, etc).
  • Manage information about parents (if necessary) and create links with students’ data.
  • Consultation management: consultation content, store consultation history, schedule consultation appointments.
  •  The system provides alerts and reminders on the day of scheduled student consultation appointments.
  • Manage entrance exam results, and class placement for students.
  • Manage students’ trial classes.
  • Monitor the list of students in each class and the list of reserved students.
  • Send reminders when students are absent frequently.
  • Manage and track academic results, attendance, rewards, discipline, etc., for students throughout the course.
  • The manager can monitor changes related to students and classes, such as leave, class transfers, consolidation of classes, and reorganization of classes based on students’ proficiency levels.



Teacher Management

  • Manage information, qualifications, certificates, and profiles of teachers.
  • Recruit new teachers.
  • Monitor the teaching process of each teacher.
  • Manage the number of teaching hours for each teacher.
  • Record information and the number of hours each teacher can teach.
  • Manage rewards and disciplinary actions for each teacher throughout the year.

Training Management


  • Develop a teaching plan for upcoming courses.
  • Arrange teachers and classrooms to ensure no overlap in teaching hours and classrooms.
  • Divide students according to their proficiency levels and preferences.
  • Monitor the detailed schedule of each class according to the classroom and session system.

Class Management




  • Class arrangement.
  • Classify according to learning levels.
  • Schedule management.
  • Manage announcements to the entire class through email and SMS.
  • Class academic performance management.
  • Class transfer.
  • Remind new students in the class.
  • Store retained student information and organization of class transfers when students return to class.


Income and expenditure management

  • Manage tuition fees from students.
  • Handling tuition fees when transferring classes, retaining, or converting to other students.
  • Create and print receipts for tuition fees for each student.
  • Track daily income and expenditure of the center.
  • Manage financial situation for the center’s operations.

Academic Performance Management

  • Manage students’ grades and test results.
  • Automatically calculate students’ average grades.
  • Remind students who have completed the program to progress to higher-level classes with the help of the system.
  • Store information and academic results of each student in the system.

Salary and Attendance Management

  • Extract teacher salary sheets based on attendance and teaching schedules.
  • Track for attendance employees, including by session, by shift, by month, with applicable salary rates and durations.
  • Record overtime hours worked.
  • Store information about tax and insurance.
  • Generate salary payment sheets based on calculated salary sheets for employee salary disbursement.
  • Track and confirm adjustments for increases or decreases as they occur.

Advantage of Training Center Management Software

  • Using software helps managers monitor the academic progress of students as well as manage staff in the center. It enhances centralized management capabilities, optimizes resources, increases analytical capabilities, and allows proactive and effective intervention in the management process.
  • Manage student profiles, documents, and resumes facilitating quick and easy lookups and statistics. It includes tracking academic results, attendance, commendations, and disciplinary for students throughout the course.
  • Manage classroom and course to allocate study shifts, classes, and teachers reasonably.
  • Fee management, including amounts to be collected, receipts, discounts, and waivers for each student, course, and class.
  • Software usage improves work efficiency, reduces administrative procedures, handles tasks systematically, and enhances communication among staff in the center. It facilitates easy reporting to leaders with real-time updated data.
  • The software can connect with the training center’s website, automatically updating information of registered students in the system.
  • An open and transparent information system minimizes time spent on management tasks. With well-built permission systems and security features, information is disseminated quickly and accurately to each software user.
  • The training center management software from TiT is customizable to meet the specific requirements of different businesses. It can be easily adjusted when there are changes in management processes.

With Faceworks training center management software, managers can easily oversee students, teachers, and training programs. Additionally, the software is user-friendly, easy to use, and highly customizable. Utilizing the software saves time, and ensures that operational processes follow a specific procedure, preventing errors and confusion. It allows access from anywhere, on any device, meeting management needs and addressing tasks promptly. Businesses interested in using training center management software are encouraged to register here.




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