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Veterinary Clinic Management Software

27/12/2023 | 102 lượt xem

Faceworks is veterinary clinic management software designed and developed by TiT Service and Technology Joint Stock Company. The software helps clinic owners manage all data related to pets, customers, appointment schedules, prescription management, vaccination schedules, etc. Our software is an optimal solution to enhance your quality and the clinic’s customer service.


Benefits of Using the Software:

  • All information about pets, customers (pet owners), examination schedules, services, prescriptions, medication stock levels, and other clinic information are stored on a single software system, helping prevent loss.
  • You can use the software on multiple devices if the device has an internet connection (computer, phone, iPad, etc.), making it easy for users to access anytime, anywhere. This allows clinic owners to detect and address emerging issues quickly.
  • Minimize duplicate tasks, saving time.
  • User-friendly interface, simple, easy to use, highly customizable, can be modified to suit all clinic models and flexibly adjusted to meet the clinic’s needs.

Features of Veterinary Clinic Management Software:


  • Customer and Pet Management:
    • Manage customer information: personal information, contact address, pet sent for examination, pet name (if any), pet code, etc.
    • Manage pet information: pet code, name, age, gender, fur color, species, breed, owner information, medical record (if any), etc.
    • Manage appointment schedule and re-examination schedule at the clinic.
    • Manage home examination schedule.
    • Record the medical examination history of pets and monitor the pet’s health over time.
    • Schedule vaccinations. Monitor and statistics on vaccinations.
    • Statistics on customer sources: information on the creation time, customer formation source, employee receiving customers, etc.
  • Inventory and Supplies Management:
    • Manage the list of medicines with information such as medicine name, usage, dosage, etc.
    • Control the remaining quantity of medicines in stock for timely replenishment.
    • Classify medicines according to various criteria such as function, regular usage, origin, etc.
    • Manage clinic equipment and supplies: date of equipment entry, usage time, equipment status, warranty date, etc.
  • Prescription and Medication Management:
    • Set up prescriptions include pet information, symptoms, diagnosis, medicines needed list, dosage, medication time, and doctor’s notes.
    • Allow the use of electronic signatures on prescriptions.
    • Support drug interaction alerts and incompatible drugs. Automatically calculate drug dosages.
  • Services Management:
    • Manage inpatient services (long-term care): manage room lists and cages for pets. Manage the schedule of drug distribution, feeding, daily health monitoring, etc.
    • Manage pet hotel services (when owners send pets for boarding): manage the list of rooms and cages for pets. Manage customer information by sending pets. Manage feeding and bathing schedules for pets, etc.
    • Manage spa services for pets: record customer requests and note the pet’s health status to determine whether to proceed with the service, etc.
  • Financial Management:
    • Automatically calculate examination fees, drug prices, and service prices.
    • Create medical examination invoices and drug sales invoices.
    • Issue payment receipts – refunds, advances – repayments, and examination fee waivers.
    • Create tables and charts for easily tracking clinic activities and revenue statistics.
  • Other Features:
    • Data filtering and search functions with various criteria, helping to quickly look up customer information, pet information, medical examination history, etc.
    • Employee management: The software can integrate with timekeeping machines, salary calculation, saving time in this work.
    • Give permission assignments for users in detail. Users can limit the area to view data and limit the operational rights with data, helping the clinic owner focus on managing and monitoring the situation of employees in a concentrated manner while ensuring the security of important information.
    • The software’s customization capability is highly flexible, not following any specific template – something other software does not have. The software is built according to the working process and needs of the clinic owner, so it is suitable for all types of clinics and easy to change to meet the clinic’s requirements.
    • Allow importing data from files or exporting data to Excel files quickly.


We assure you that Faceworks clinic management software is the most suitable solution for addressing all clinic management needs. With its flexible customization capability, not following other predefined templates, the software is detailedly built based on the clinic management process and the requirements of the clinic owner. As a result, users can easily access and use the software without changing their management processes. The software helps save time and resources for management tasks, bringing a professional working style to the clinic. Contact us now to get this comprehensive management solution.






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