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Water Production and Distribution Management Software

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In the daily life and production activities of many industries, Water is an essential resource. The water production and distribution industry is continually growing. However, water production and distribution managers face various challenges: inability to control the quantity of water produced and distributed, customer quantities, usage status, customer payments, customer feedback, etc. From these requirements, We have developed software for managing the water production and distribution industry for businesses to handle managing tasks efficiently. 



Functions of Water Production and Distribution Management Software

  • Production Process Management
    • Identify the necessary steps in the water production process. Managers can organize and distribute labor more efficiently based on this information.
    • Oversee the work process of the workforce at each stage, making the management process more scientific and efficient.
    • Shape the production process through reports from employees in each department and at each stage of the work process.
  • Distribution Process Management
    • Identify the basic steps in the water distribution process to consumers efficiently.
    • Help managers classify customers based on various criteria: intended usage, water consumption, and characteristics usage, allowing for a scientific and effective distribution plan.
    • Assist users in storing customers’ information, contracts, and water distribution invoices at each stage.
  • Effective Human Resource Management
    • Effectively controls the operations of the workforce through daily reported metrics: hours worked, breaks, work productivity, etc.
    • Through reports, managers can monitor the work progress of each individual, team, group, or department to provide specific evaluations and a reasonable reward and penalty system.
    • Help managers store every employee’s labor contracts, insurance policies, and work capacity information and facilitate the allocation of labor to specific departments and tasks.
  • Financial Management
    • Easily monitor the financial situation of the business: revenue sources, expenditures, accounts receivable, accounts payable, employee salaries, etc.
    • Help managers shape business operations based on the financial reports of the business. Thus, managers can outline more effective plans for the future of the business.
  • Customer Management
    • Help users determine the number of customers and classify customers for effective management.
    • All customer information is quickly and synchronously updated, making the water distribution and payment process more straightforward.





  • Utilities of the water production and distribution industry management software
    • Anywhere, Anytime Management. Users can access the data system anytime, anywhere If they have an internet-connected device. It helps managers quickly detect arising issues and address them promptly.
    • Unified Data Management. All data and information of the water production and distribution plant are stored in a single system, enabling managers to manage efficiently. Look up for information quickly and easily.
    • Safe and Secure. With role-based access control, managers can limit viewing area and data operation rights for different users. It ensures synchronized management while still securing critical information.
    • Delicate and Flexible. With the flexible customization feature, not following a specific template, the software is built according to the workflow and needs of each business. Therefore, it is suitable for each customer’s characteristics and water usage needs.



Everything will be simpler and more efficient when using the software for managing the production and distribution of water. If you have any questions about the functions or how to use the software, please contact us for advice.





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