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Wood Production Management Software

25/12/2023 | 155 lượt xem

During the operation of wood processing factories, managers may encounter many issues like incomplete inventory handling, order management, the factory’s financial status, and the activities of workers. Therefore, wood processing factories need an optimal solution to manage effectively. Our wood production management software can be the most effective solution for your factory.

Core Features of Faceworks Wood Production Management Software:



  • Management, Monitoring, and Implementation of Wood Processing Production Plans:
    • The Faceworks wood production management software facilitates the deployment of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly production plans. It assesses whether production criteria align with the current operation of the factory.
    • The software supports the creation of batches for each product, allowing the creation of batches from multiple plans or multiple batches for one plan.
    • Continuous updates on warehouse status during import and export activities provide secure data storage, making the production process straightforward, organized, and scientific.
    • Enable tracking of the progress of regular factory plans. Managers can identify revenue sources and expenses for each stage, calculating the necessary resources to meet production needs.
    • Generate regular reports to review the strengths and weaknesses of the factory. This process helps with progress involving limitations like establishing, supplementing, and addressing. The software then outlines new plans for the future.
  • Labor Resource Management:
    • Allow the continuous update of the factory’s regular workforce.
    • Updates on the work status of each worker, including working hours and the quantity of products produced in a specific time unit, are managed.
    • Facilitate management of the salary regime for each worker according to their achievements in the production process.
    • Update continuously on labor contracts, transfers, acceptances, social insurance, etc., for each worker.
  • Production Resource Management:
    • enables updating the quantity and status of each type of product, raw material, selling products by product category, product group, unit, model, packaging, production country, packaging, etc.
    • Facilitate continuous updates on cost, quality standards, and market demand for each product type.
  • Effective Management of Materials, Machinery, and Equipment:
    • Help manage the quantity and operational status of every machinery type, equipment, and material over specific time units.
    • Assist users in updating the progress and usage status involving machinery and equipment to plan for suitable additions or repairs based on the factory’s production needs.
    • Management of the prices of machinery, equipment, and the regular supply status of materials is conducted regularly.
  • Management of the Product Consumption Process:
    • allows for regular updates to the customer list, specific information, and the needs of each customer to provide the best advice.
    • Manage buying and selling systems and delivery progress according to contracts.
    • The quantity and price of each product category are managed. It enables managers to closely monitor the purchasing power of each product, making a scientific comparison with other products for a reasonable strategy.
    • During product consumption, the software supports the management of defective, damaged, or unsold product categories, allowing timely handling.
    • Manage sales figures for the entire system and each product category daily, weekly, monthly, annually, etc. Updating the sales status of products through charts allows managers to monitor their products closely and scientifically.
  • Financial Management:
    • Help managers determine the company’s financial status, identifying specific sources of revenue and expenses.
    • Regular reports on daily income and expenditure helps balance various revenue and expenditure items more effectively during operations.
    • Ensure accurate management of accounts receivable.
    • Salary management for workers, employees, and departments is aligned with the efficiency of everyone.
  • Basic Benefits of Using Faceworks Wood Industry Production Management Software:
    • Help users quickly and accurately update essential data, providing the most suitable work plan.
    • Information is easily classified and updated, giving managers the most comprehensive view and making it easy to retrieve data without consuming too much time.
    • Departmental staff can easily monitor and report on the factory’s operations.
    • Employees can easily exchange job responsibilities, collaborating effectively to achieve the best work performance.

Utility of Faceworks Management Software:



  • Manage anywhere, any time:
    • Users can access the data system anytime, anywhere if they have an internet-connected device. Facilitate quick issue detection, enabling timely resolution by managers.
  • Unified Data Management:
    • All data and information from the production workshop are stored on a single system. This allows managers to manage and retrieve information quickly and easily.
  • Safety and Security:
    • Despite all employees and managers working on the same system, the software’s permission functions allow managers to limit the area of data retrieval and operational rights for different users. This helps maintain synchronized operations while securing critical information.
  • Sophistication and Flexibility:
    • With its flexible customization feature, the software is not bound by a specific template. It is built according to the workflow and needs of each business, making it suitable for various production workshop models. It can also be easily adapted to meet specific requirements.

Using Faceworks wood production management software will make your working process simpler and more efficient. Our software makes you operate your factory more conveniently and effectively by incorporating this management software. If you have any questions about the benefits of the software, feel free to contact us for advice.


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